Felicitations 3

She hung the gown carefully on a lace covered hanger on the inner door of her closet. She had no idea where she would ever wear it to, certainly it would be appropriate for something at the Club, the local D/s hangout, but other than that?


So why had she bought it? She discounted the feeling of being caressed while she’d tried it on. She discounted the rumor that the gown was a hundred years old. She went with the idea that a bargain of $50 for such a lovely gown was the steal of the century.

As she was pondering the gown, her phone buzzed. An hour later, her battery worn to a nubbin, she set it to charge and caressed the gown.

“Perhaps you have magic after all,” she mused. She wandered into the shower, smiling. Funny that the Club would have a Valentines Dance. So many people didn’t get that there was a great deal of romance to be had within the D/s community. Sure it was about pleasure and pain, Domination and submission. But there was also a great deal of commitment and caring within the community as well. She’d been cajoled by Deb to come to the event, even if it was just to show off her new gown. It wasn’t very typical garb for that sort of event, other than it showed her body to great advantage. She was fine with that.

After her shower, she curled up in her bed to read, but fell asleep quickly, and dreamt of a man with flowing dark hair and wicked eyes.  When she awoke, sunlight was streaming through the room, and it was just time to be up and headed off to work.

She never woke without the alarm, and yet, today she had.

Rising, she stretched, noticing a faint sensation in her nipples..a bit of tenderness. Yet she hadn’t masturbated in several nights, and hadn’t used clamps when she did.

Rubbing her palms against them soothingly, she looked into her closet for her work clothes, letting the gown on the door caress her backside.


She was naked? She never went to bed naked. With a frown she crossed back to the bed. Her nightgown was neatly folded on the end of her bed. She never did that. Folded a nightgown? She usually hung it on the bathroom door.

She wished she could remember those dreams. Must’ve been some hawt stuff to make her strip !

Her finger caressed the gown as she grabbed her outfit, and headed for the bathroom. She thought she heard the echoes of deep male laughter. Boy was her imagination going wonky. Looking in the bathroom mirror, she noted the faint rosy tone of her cheeks, the hardness of nipples.

She really needed to get out more often. Thank goodness Valentines Day was only a week away. With any luck, she’d find someone fun to snuggle up to and get a good spanking session…and who knew what could come from that sort of encounter, and on Valentines Day?

With a laugh at her foolish thoughts, she slid into her clothes, and her day.

the dress fluttered, yet there was no wind

the dress fluttered, yet there was no one there to see

the dress fluttered, then went still.