HNT 2/9/12 Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday.

I wasn’t gonna say a thing, really. But last night, my Beloved Master…*smiling*…well, He pulled out some sweet and poured it over me.

He might kill me for sayin’ that. But I think it’s okay for you to know that He does have a sweetness to Him, as well as the Sadist who whomped on my ass (and who’s handiwork you all got to see last week).

He is a sweet guy. And you know i’ve been on ZNN since right after FNF…pending the result of the football game…which means a full week of ZNN.

But we have one special day a week when … He is sweet. And I always get an O on this day, His weekly gift to me, usually free and clear with no restrictions (although He usually limits the number of them, and sometimes has a “required element”).

So, despite the ZNN, i did get my Special O, but with a required pain duty. And since it was my first O in many days it was freaking awesome.Β One might even say, amazing. Β πŸ™‚


And since i figured it would be my only O this week, i really played with the pain, the pleasure, the balance shifting between the two. It took me an hour to let the orgasm finally roll through me.

And then last night, i was out running errands alone, and i called Him. And He asked me what time I was born.

5:43 a.m. i reply.

perfect, you can have an Orgasm tomorrow morning just before your birth time. If you wake up at 5:44, deal is off…but before, go for it.

I was squeeing there in the store, happy and giggly. Staring at a multi-pack of batteries and wondering if i needed more (LOL!!) now! I get a MORNING orgasm! I’ve not had one of those in a long long long long time!!

there are two requirements. You know the first one, you must have the o before 5:43 a.m. tomorrow. To welcome in your new year with a bang.

i wait, wondering what the 2nd requirement is.

oh, and nilla? This is blogable.

Which is Master-speak for “required to blog about”…so here i am, reporting this all to you, and on HNT Day as well.

Thank you Master, for Your sweet gift! I so adore You. You are the greatest blessing in my life, after my children. Thank You for hooking that collar around my throat, for tucking me up into Your care. You have taught me much about myself, about pain and pleasure and passion. About being submissive yet not losing myself in the process. You are my greatest gift. I Β *heart* You. (giggle)

43 thoughts on “HNT 2/9/12 Birthday Girl

    1. thank you ever so much ts99….it was a delightful, gorgeous day. i don’t think i’ve ever had a birthday when it was in the upper 40’s, and got to play outside, coatless, with my kids! And end the day with chocolate cake, too!


  1. Happybirthday to you!!!! Happy orgasms to you! Happy playtime dear Nilla! Happy birthday to you!!! And many more!!
    Love you so much Heartsister

    And in exactly nine months, it’s my turn!

    1. Thank you heart sister!

      in 9 months it will be your turn….ah, 53 tulips….mwhahahaha…

      love you so much right back…Had the best time today, a really terrific day all around…And…just rounding out the day with another orgasm! Wooooot!



      1. Huzzah!!!! We had fun last night, fell asleep, overslept the alarm and well…. we couldn’t resist just a bit more fun. Did make it to work by noon though.
        So glad you had a great birthday.
        Oh, and for the record, he’s already giggling about tulips.

      2. that’sa lotta tulips, dear one!


        Master said…”I have to stop at 53? I don’t think so…”

        rut roe!!


    1. Thanks submissive bf, so much!

      today was such a delightful day…all the kind wishes, my family took good care of me, and just now, a delightful convo with my Master…*aah* …i love birthdays!



    1. Thanks dear sweet Tip…but geeze…that fucking cake thingy? One would think you a Sadist. Oh.




      surrounded by them, simply surrounded by them. *mock sigh*


      Thank you Tip…i think!


    1. Thank you sis! And for the music on the other side….seriously? Was dancing in the kitchen playing that over and over and over…what a delightful day this was…hard to believe i was all angsty the other day, eh? My family loves a party, and they even made me my own birthday mural! Neat eh? I am psyched at the turnaround. And tomorrow is Friday….wooot!


    1. Thank you Sky….how wonderfully sweet of you to say so…it was a phenomenally wonderful day. The year is looking up!

      πŸ™‚ happy happy nilla!

    1. thanks faithful! oh, it was such a happy day, too! Good energy in the house, happy kids, AWESOME weather…gosh it was so mild and sunny ??? This is new england in February? (my birthday is synonymous with several “famous” blizzards up here, most notably in ’69 …the year my birthday had to be postponed for a week…


  2. Hope your day started off with a big O and then will be filled with good things. Hope you get some face time and butt time with your Master soon!

    1. I had the fastest O this morning…it was really good (not as awesome as last nights, but i’m sure not complaining!!)…the best part is how much of an energy boost a morning orgasm gives me, I love that!

      Thanks for the wishes re; Master time…Hopefully face time Sunday…it’s supposed to be brutally cold but i have to be in the City anyway, so X your fingers. As to butt time (and that made me laugh aloud!)…?? who knows. That is still in limbo. C’est la vie…

      Hey Bill? You are a sweetheart, you know that, right? I just love the hell outta you!


    1. Hi Sweetie!!

      Every year things get brighter and brighter. There are down days but…they are few and far between. I’m embracing “me” these days…and i’m pretty damned happy with who i am!



  3. Happy, happy birthday. I sense that the year ahead will be a great one for you.

    Thank you for all the pleasure that you bring to the world.


    1. Thank You, Don, for all the comments, and sweet thoughts. They are much appreciated, i enjoy every time i see you here! I trust your sense…i feel like it’s going to be amazing, too…. πŸ™‚


  4. Happy Birthday! Did he give you the “traditional” birthday spanking? One for each year and one to grow on. I’m sure the O’s are worth it.

    29 and holding, right?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Actually, i’ve not seen Him for two weeks, hoping to grab a bit of face time this weekend, but not likely in a “spankable” moment. My spank list is rather full right now…so …we’ll see..

      as to 29? Nah so so so not going back there. I’m thrilled with every birthday. I love birthdays. I’m 53 and proud of it. I look pretty good for an old broad, and i’m having the time of my life…waaaaay better than in my 20’s to be sure.

      This is one old bitch who is totally embracing growing older… πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Andip, you are sweet in your rich blessing…last year was a good year, each year gets better. Who could ask for anything more, right?


      other than orgasms, i mean.



    1. Thank you Omega and mouse…sending you both lots of white light energies, for coping and healing…you are both in my thoughts and prayers.


    1. Thanks sweetie…and…i noted a week or two ago that your link on my blogroll is wrong. Tried to fix it and still fucked it up. Its on my “blog housecleaning” to =do list and hopefully by this weekend I’ll get it all spiffed up!
      Hugs! Nilla

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