HNT 2/23/12 Because…

Because You are

the Man, the Dom, the Boss,  who

feeds me

fills me

hurts me so damn good~

Because You placed Your golden collar around my

needy throat

One Year Ago~


Because i love You loudly, even as You love me


Because of all that

(and the unspoken more)

i give You


15 thoughts on “HNT 2/23/12 Because…

    1. Thank you…so very much… we’ll see if He’s smiling later…

      HUGS to my heartsis, and whammies that you and Wolf get playtime soon…


    1. *smiling*

      so well said…it made me happy…those things hurt like crazy but i do love them, too. And thanks for the compliment. I dunno about ‘beautiful”, not at all…but i’m happy with who i am, and that’s the most important thing, right? And…Oh, okay I love my hair. But that? That i lay at Master’s door, as He insisted on my growing it out. 🙂 Smart Man!

      Hugs and much love to *MY* beautiful heart sister,


    1. Thanks Andi….

      yup, it was a year on Monday. We’d hoped to get together but it didn’t work out…but this Sunday we’ll celebrate, hopefully!


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