prisoner 639…step forward to the blue squares

Lacey took a step. Another. The pauses between steps were barely tolerated, she could feel the anxious need to prod her forward just before she took a step. At last each foot rested on a blue square. A translucent panel glowed softly between the blue tiles. She stood proudly, defiant despite her nakedness.

There was a faint whoosh of an airlock, and a grav-cuff descended from the ceiling.

prisoner 639, place your hands into the opening.

The portal swirled open. She didn’t want to put her hands in there. She surely didn’t. Waiting until the guardian was ready to strike her with the baffle, she placed her hands into the opening, and watched as the lock engaged. She felt the shimmer and pressure as the grav applied force to her. There was no way to remove her wrists from the unit until they released her.

A hiss emitted from the unit as it raised up and over her head, pulling her arms taut. At the same moment, the blue tiles softened and her feet sank into the now viscous fluid. Another hiss hardened it. She was stretched almost to the point of discomfort.

For a moment there was silence; then the blue panels holding her feet began to slide further apart. The pull on her shoulders and groin was intense. She winced as her legs were splayed wide. The translucent panel between her legs began to glow brighter, the protective cover pulled back, revealing what lay in wait.

She shook her head vehemently. She hadn’t known this was to be her punishment. The collar around her throat took her voice, capturing all her words and screams before they could escape and upset the jury sitting in judgement. They were unseen, hidden behind the blue glass. Only the Bot-Judge was visible.  It would interpret the law fairly, unbiased by human  emotion.

you must answer each question. veracity is mandatory. biorhythms will determine falsehoods. punishment will be swift.

Swallowing hard, she nodded. The swift jolt of current running down her arms from the cuffs reminded her to speak her verbal ‘yes’, although only the ‘Bot would register it. The Jurors would  see the print out on their screens. At least, that was what she had been told would happen.

you are 33 orbits


you have failed to register at the Center


you have not yet gestated


you are non-compliant because of religious freedom acts of choice


There was a series of clicks, whirrs, and other sounds as the machine assimilated the data. The same information was supplied to the Jury.

There was a whoosh from between her feet. She could barely bend her head forward, the pull in her arms overhead made such movement difficult at best. No! “NO” she screamed. Yet not a sound was heard in the room but those coming from the floor between her opened thighs.

judgement has been rendered. your religious affiliation is one of dubious veracity. there is reason to believe that this congregation is gathered solely to attempt to circumscribe the Law of Procreation. Therefore, since no suitable mate is listed on your manifest, you will be treated as a Detached Citizen.

She screamed as she watched the vile tube rise from the floor. Grotesquely larger than any human penis, it roughly resembled one. A slick film coated it, making it shimmer in the half-light.

She shivered at the touch of it against the warm folds of her lower body. It moved implacably upwards by whatever unseen controls guided it into her body.

She moaned as it speared through her lower lips and into her hole, pressing the fat thickness of it up into her belly.

you understand the procedure you are about to be sentenced to.

It didn’t sound like a question. In fact, she barely registered the ‘Bot speaking to her at all. Her attention was concentrated on the thing invading her vagina. It was so big. It stretched her uncomfortably. It was unyielding, unlike a real penis. There was no heat here, no veined ridges, no flaring head. She released a breath as it slid back down towards the floor. And cried out as it rose to fill her again.

The machine began to move with more rapidity, building up force and velocity in equal measure. It wasn’t long before her insides began to feel battered by the thing raping her.

She tried to pull her feet, her hands free, tried twisting her hips, but to no avail. She was stuck, impaled on the silver rod stroking into her. Had the thing had gotten bigger around as it fucked her?  Perhaps she was swelling inside from the endless thrusts.

pain stimulation will be applied. readings indicate your body is not responsive for the sowing.

A whoosh sounded and two clear cups fell from the ceiling. The guardian behind her moved forward to press first one, then the other against her tits. He made certain all of her flesh was pressed into the cone, before depressing a button on his wrist unit. Looking into her face, he smirked at as her head fell back and lips parted.  He drank in her silent gasps of pain as the cups began to suction her breasts, pulling them deeply into the base of the cone.  Tiny electric jolts were applied to her nipples as they were sucked into the little slot for them. Tears slipped down her cheeks at the shocking pain. He leaned forward and licked one from her cheek. His breath tickled her ear as he whispered one word, ‘soon’.

readings indicate that the breast binders are appropriately stimulating your gestational juices. Fertilization will commence.

The beast buried in her pussy began pumping fast and deep. The pain in her tits made her clit throb. She was moaning constantly now, though no sound carried in the room other than the wet sucking sounds from her pussy, and the hiss of the machine sucking on her breasts.

She cried out when she felt a probing at her asshole. The guardian hissed into her ear “the ‘Bot doesn’t monitor me or your asshole, you fucking reb”.

His finger poked into her body, then two, then three. She felt the pull and tug of his fingers, another in the cacophony of sensations flooding her. She screamed as she felt his cock forcing its way up her undefended butthole.

readings indicate full readiness for sowing. you will now be inseminated.

She felt the fat tip of the machine pressed painfully hard against her cervix; the sudden rush of fluids into her body. The phallus was thick enough that no fluids escaped; her belly was filled. She felt bloated, almost sick at the painful dumping of fluids into her womb. The cock in her ass sawed steadily in and out of her asshole. She was stretched to the brink and her silent screams went unheeded except for the titillated Jury members.

The metal probe was released from her body after two hours. Every guardian had dumped a load of cum into her asshole. She was nauseous; her lower body was one throbbing ache.

you will be escorted to the preparation rooms until gestation is confirmed. if there is no gestation, you will return here in 48 hours to repeat the procedure.

Her hands were released from the grav-cuffs, shoulders screaming with the shock of movement after being held so long.  Her feet were unmolded from the Secure-Blox. The Judge-‘bot issued one last order as she was led out of the court room by a guardian.

Go forth, be fruitful, and multiply.


this was inspired by a few of my favorite writers, Will Crimson, and Monocle over at Erotic Writers. They often write of forced insemination, and i wanted to try my hand at it. I’m certain my recent evolution (revolution??)  into reproductive rights  played a role as well. 

And…….If you have been reading Felicitations, there is a new chapter up there now, and another one will be added later this afternoon.  ~n~

17 thoughts on “Prisoner

    • It is finally, at least, making the news. It’s presented fairly moderately, but I’m still screaming at the tv and my family still says I’m a nut. (especially my wife who points out on a regular basis that I don’t have a uterus so why all the fuss? Duh. Our daughter has one….)

      Sheesh. Stopping myself.


    • Hi mouse,

      thanks for commenting! And glad you enjoyed the story!


      what’s up with all those exclamations, anyway?!


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