Master’s Good Girl

Waiting for this morning to pass quickly. Will do things around the house until it is time to go. Will spend time at the museum before we meet. Will be thinking of His hands on my body. Will be thinking of the bliss and pain of being with Him once more.

Will be with Him, soon, today.

Forty-nine days, seven weeks, since the last Wall. Since the last spanking. Since the last biting. Since i was taken, used, fucked by Him.

Tomorrow will be lost for me, a haze of pain and bliss too deep to comprehend unless you’ve been in it.  I’ll write for you, later, of our sexploits…but for now you’ll have to use your imagination…

and for now…i will wait, Master’s good girl, ready to serve.

12 thoughts on “Master’s Good Girl

    • *smiling*

      I just saw your comment advizor54…it was hiding in my spam folder…yikes! Hate when that happens. Thanks for commenting…and yes, I was a good girl. And a naughty girl… 🙂


  1. You know, people text while they drive, I wonder if people text while they are…no,no, that’s probably a bad idea. But still, if your hands are roped together you could use both thumbs to text, so we could read first hand. It would be like a “You Are There” episode. Eh?


    • read this, this morning.
      Laughed so hard I nearly snorted tea out my nose.

      for shame
      *snorts out another giggle*

      You are SO bad!!

      (don’t i just love that about you?)


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