The Surprise

a little dragon… okay, maybe not so little. Thanks to TH and TW for the inspiration….~n~

She pulled the knot around the footboard tight. Sliding into the velcro cuffs would be the easy part; she just wanted to be sure she could not get free without His aid.

He was going to be so surprised.

It had been one hell of a week, and there was nothing like a weekend of free-play to blow off the stress. The kids were at her Mom’s, and He was expected any time now.

Taking the ball-gag from the dresser, she put it on, fastening it tightly into her mouth.  The paddle and vibe were already on His pillow. If he didn’t get an instant hard-on, walking in to see her displayed for him like this? Well, he’d likely be near death!

The black nighty barely covered her pussy, and cupped her tits tightly. A half-moon of each nipple was exposed, and lots of creamy flesh.  Settling onto the bed, she fitted each cuff around her ankle, legs splayed wide. Oh, the joy of a king bed…it left her so open, and vulnerable to his attentions. She smiled to herself. She was going to get the fucking of a lifetime tonight.

The pillow was a problem. If she put it under her ass, it might make her feel like she was drowning with the gag in place.


Quickly she undid the velcro at her ankles, then turned over, kneeling with her back to the bottom of the bed. Re-attaching them, she pulled the pillows down, and lay, belly down and ass up.

That would send a message! She arranged the toys down by her hip, then slid her hands into the wrist cuffs. Once in here there was no going back, since the key was on his dresser across the room. She swallowed hard, then closed the left side, the right side. They were already attached to a bolt in the center of the chain, in the center of their headboard.

Wriggling a bit to get comfortable, she settled in to wait.


There was the sound of the back-door opening. She smiled into the mattress. She’d left the lights off in here. Downstairs she could hear a few things opening and closing. He’d wonder where she was in a few minutes and come up here.

It wasn’t long before she heard the creak on the fifth step. She shivered in delighted expectation. There was a hiss of indrawn breath as a beam of light played through the room. Why was Mark using a flashlight?

There was a low chuckle as the beam landed on her ass, upthrust in the room. She turned to look, but could see nothing but the bright beam of light. She blinked, turning her head. She tugged her wrists but she was stuck tight.

Trying to speak, garbled sounds from behind the gag.

“Oh, this is too perfect.”

Footsteps approached the bed, then the light flicked off. There was the sound of a belt being unbuckled, and a zipper sliding. She tossed her head, and yelled no, but the only sound that escaped was a burbly grunt. Hands caressed her leg, and she tried to shake it off.

“I’m hurrying, sugar pie.”

The mattress creaked as he mounted the bed and positioned himself between her thighs. In the darkness, the unmistakable press of a cock against her pussy. It slid up and down her slit, lubricating itself on her arousal.

Arousal from planning this for Mark. Arousal from setting the scene. Not from this. NOT from being fucked from behind by a stranger. There was a shocking slap against her hip as he slid forward and impaled her on his cock. It was thick, stretching her pussy uncomfortably.

Until it wasn’t uncomfortable any more.

“I always wondered if you two were into this kind of kinky shit.” Another slap on her ass. The hand was large. The swat covered a lot of terrain. She grunted, jolting upwards to get away. It only served to put him deeper inside of her.

“Mmmm, fuckin’ like that little slut? All dolled out for a fucking.”

It had to be James, their backyard neighbor. She didn’t know his voice all that well. They exchanged hand waves, and he often sat on his deck in the evening. Mark had said that he wasn’t watching them frolic in the pool, but she knew he was.

His fingers dug into her hips as he thrust hard against her. She grunted as he was fully propelled into her pussy.

“Ohdamn. That’s one fine tight cunt. Now I’m gonna fuck it. I came over for some sugar…and look, I got me some honey instead.”

She winced in the dark as he chuckled. He pulled out slowly, inch by inch. Then banged up inside her, hard and fast. Her tits scrubbed against the sheet as his groin mashed against the outside of her pussy. She felt his balls slapping at her clit, and groaned. It felt good. It wasn’t.

Wasn’t good.

He pulled back, then slammed inside her. His fucking was gut-wrenching. Always slow on the exit, always hard and fast on the inward drive.

His hand slipped under her, his fingers roughly exploring her upper slit.

“What do you have hiding up in here?” His fingers found and pinched her clit, making her rise up, whimpering.

“sensitive little button isn’t it? ” He rolled it between his fingers, and she whimpered around her gag. “I’m loving the gag in your pie hole.  Just lay there and mumble and take what I give you. What a perfect fuck.”

He pulled out, pinching her clit, then let his fingers slick off of it as he piled back into her cunt.

She came hard.

“Fucking whore. She loves being used. Don’t worry. I’ll use you good and hard.”  Fingers pinched around her ass, pulling and teasing the flesh, making her grunt, squeal and cry out. Snot and tears and drool coated the sheet under her face as she tossed and scrubbed her head.

A fat finger probed her tight rosebud.

“Gonna get a little treat, neighbor. Gonna knock at your backdoor…” He laughed at the double entendre. He pulled out of her pussy. She felt the slow leak of juice from her cunt slipping down her slit, down her thighs. Had he cum?

It couldn’t just be all from her, could it?

His cock, still hard,  pressed against her asshole. It was too big. Too big. She bit into the ball as he began thrusting into the resisting hole. “So. fucking. Tight.”  Each word, a grunt, a thrust as he ground his way into her tight poophole.  She screamed at the invasion, it burned, it hurt.

Was he tearing her tender flesh? Was she even now bleeding? She felt nauseous with the pain. His balls slapped against her as he pounded the last bit of his pole into her butt. His fingers on her hips, pulling her back into his shaft, he rolled his hips to screw deeper into her. She felt the tickling rub of his hair on her asscheeks as he fully imbedded his big prick into her.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, neighbor. Then I’m gonna shoot the biggest load of cum up your asshole you’ve ever felt.” He leaned over her back, the angle deepening the pressure on her body. His hand found the paddle. And the vibe.  She heard the hummm of it.

“What the fuck? You have a dick that vibrates? You little fucking whore. Well, we gotta put that to good use.”

He slapped the paddle against her ass. She whined behind the gag. He laughed, then slapped her again, his cock pulsing with every response. She cried out, she shifted. Each movement added to the ache in her asshole. She was broken, he was killing her. She knew it.

His hand moved under her. He pushed the vibe, set on high, into her pussy. She was too full! No!

She screamed, tossing her head. There was no room; his cock took up all the space. Yet she felt her body yield to the presence of the toy in her pussy.

He moaned as the vibes pressed against his cock. “NOw that’s a fucking treat,” he groaned. At long last he pulled back.

It felt like he was pulling her guts out with his cock.

“Your asshole is open as big as your mouth,” He laughed, before plunging back inside. He was rougher fucking her ass, fucking rapidly in and out of her. He groaned each time he was fully shafted in her asspipe, a response to the vibe, or the tug of her anus around the base of his shaft?

Her nipples crinkled tight and she knew she was going to cum. She always came when Mark fucked her ass. His cock slammed into her, she pressed her toes into the mattress, lifting her ass up to the thrusting blows, and felt the spurting of her cum.

“What the fuck?” He paused, cockhead just inside her rectum, and felt under her. “You fucking whore, you pissed on me!” He lifted a hand to his nose, sniffing.

“Wait…that’s not pee, that’s girlcum. You fucking ass whore. You like me nailing your butthole? Well, if you like it, I’m happy to give you more.”

He began plunging into her, rough and wild. If her legs hadn’t been tied to the bottom of the bed, his fucking would have nailed her into the headboard. The stretch around her ankles was painful, the cock hammering her asshole was harsh. Her nipples were raggedly rubbed against the mattress, and her hair was coated in a frothy mix of fluids from her eyes, nose and mouth.

She made little noises, but lay limply, accepting the assault on her body. Yet her body continued to spasm with orgasm after orgasm.

At long last she felt him stiffen, felt his fingers claw into her hips. His cock felt bigger, thicker than before. He ripped the vibe out of her pussy, and pulled out of her ass.

“Gonna pour babyjuice into your belly…” he grunted, as he slammed his dick into her spasming pussy. She felt the pulse of him coming as yet another orgasm rippled through her, as her own cunt milked his fat cock dry.

Pulling out, he rested his hands on her ass a moment, breathing heavily. He slid the vibe back into her.

“You whores love to fuck, so you keep on pouring out your love juice, and soak my seeds up into your belly.”

“OH, your hubby called me. Seems your phone here is not working and he didn’t want you to worry. He got called to an unexpected meeting out-of-town, and he’ll be back tomorrow. Soon as I get my breath back, I’ll make sure you don’t miss him, too much.”