turned about, pushed down, tits first

straddling the corner of the bed

legs kicked apart

open, spread those fucking legs


straddle that corner…wider…that’s it

the feel of heat as he steps between -so hot. so intent.

*sounds of moaning*

i can’t

you will

but i….

you don’t want it

do you?

*shaking head, no*

you know it doesn’t matter

it’s not about what you want, little girl

it’s what I want. And I want your ass.

i know

I know, you’re all weepy and scared.

Doesn’t matter. It’s my ass.

yes Master *soft whimpers*

a squirt of lube

a finger inserted, fucking in and out

*sounds of soft moaning*

two fingers in pushing hard, deep, then


and a much bigger ‘something’ pressing in, in, in

with a pop

He is inside

mmmmso fucking good. Hot, tight.


*moaning, head tossing*

hurts, hurts, hurts

whaaaat? What are you saying?

Hurts….*hiss of pain*

It’s supposed to hurt. It’s just not as much fun if it doesn’t, you know.


muffled “yes Master” coming from the mattress.

Pressing hard, hard thighs banging into soft, bruised asscheeks. Ripples of pain.


the tingle.



nipples pucker tight, hands, cuffed behind, curl into fists. Back arches.

*intense moaning*

you’re such a dirty little girl.

you just came, you slut.

nodding, faint giggles through gasps as aftershocks ripple through


stronger clenching

yet another orgasm


wetting His leg

little fucking whore…

smile in his voice

matching the one pressed into the mattress

18 thoughts on “Assfucked

    1. Thanks sis…

      it was very hot…eventually πŸ™‚ Except…it was also hot during coz…yanno? Being used like that is just hot. I know He’d never “harm” me…so i could bear it…and then, of course…more…


  1. was that you looking into Master’s house during my visit last week?

    gosh… you had the entire scene right…. except mine didn’t come with lube πŸ™‚

    *** giggling***


    1. M is very good (thus far) about using lube on my poor ass…but i suspect that it has more to do with HIS comfort than mine…but for the record? I’m not asking.



    1. well…um…


      can i just say it is almost word-for-word what happened/was said during a …period of time last Sunday…?

      is that cheating?

      or just running a verbal “cam” on our scene?



      1. No, it isn’t cheating. You just do a better version of verbal cam than I do. Two of my ‘stories’ are just like Assfucked. Stay in bed Sunday and A Cloudless Sky. πŸ™‚ What cracks me up is that most people miss that.

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