“I’ll be right back, love, I need to use the little girl’s room.”

Sliding out of the chair, she grabbed her clutch. She kissed her husband on the head, trailing her hand down his chest as she waited for his release to go. She really enjoyed their monthly date night.  It was an important ritual for parents of three active boys, a chance to reconnect and remember that they were a couple as well as Mom and Dad. Overhead the sound of crashing thunder and pounding rain could be heard.  “Sounds fierce out there,” he said, catching her hand and kissing the palm.  “Are you going to be scared in there all by yourself with all that noise?” She giggled as his tongue swirled around the sensitive center of her hand.

“Wayne!” She tugged, but he didn’t relinquish his grip.

“I’ll bet you’re getting wet.” He smiled up at her, keeping her captive there by the hand he held tightly.  It was true, he knew just what buttons to push. The fun of having your husband also be your Dom, she supposed. She nodded.

“Say it. Tell Me about your pussy.”

He spoke matter-of-factly, just loud enough to embarrass her and make her wonder if anyone else was close enough to hear. The restaurant was quieter than normal, likely due to the storm raging outside.

He held her close, waiting for her response, while his tongue slid suggestively between her fingers. She shivered. “My pussy is wet, Sir.”

“How wet, little girl?”

“Very.” She paused, swallowing hard with the sudden upwelling of sexual need. That he could still do this to her, after so long together, in so little time, was a testament to his devotion as Husband, as her Dom. “Very wet, Sir.”

“Are you sure?” At her vigorous nod, he continued. “Very well then. Tell you what….. I want you to bring me your panties when you come back from the bathroom so I can see for myself.”

She froze. How humiliating! Yet the thought of walking out of the bathroom with her slutty, wet, panties clutched in her hand made her even wetter. “Yessir” she finally choked out. He sucked her thumb into his mouth, biting on the pad with his teeth, making her gasp. Such a turn on; He knew how she got off on being bitten.

He let her go then. He enjoyed the view of her, walking away. Mom or not, she was sexy as all get out, and her ass was one of her finest attributes.


She stepped into the stall, and slid off her panties. Tucking them into her purse so they didn’t accidentally fall into the toilet, she finished up, and fixed her skirt. Her cell beeped. He had texted her in the bathroom? She flicked up the screen.

“Butt plug, please.”

Oh gods. She not only had to sit at the table bare-assed, but now there was going to be an ass-plug shoved up there? She shivered, feeling the juice leak from her pussy. Obediently she opened her purse, and took out the butt plug that she always kept there.  He’d text or call her frequently to insert her plug, something that always made her feel her submission, even as a suburban mommy.  She’d sat through soccer games, and band rehearsals with that fucking metal prod up her asspipe. She kept it  in a sandwich bag, wrapped in white tissue paper to keep it as innocuous as possible.

Putting one leg up on the toilet seat, she slid the plug through her saturated folds to lube it, the pressed it inward. Always, always her ass resisted this. Eventually it slid in with a pop. Breathing heavily, she took a moment to adjust, then opened the door and went to the sink to wash up.

The light flickered once and went out. The door opened and closed, but there was no light beyond either.

“Hello?” She shut off the water in the sink, trying to remember the placement of the towels. A hand grabbed her by her hair pressing her face down into the sink, while the other covered her mouth with a line of duct tape.

He stood right behind her, pressing her legs into the sink base. “Don’t move, just don’t fight. I gotta knife and I won’t be afraid to use it. Give me your hands, NOW.”

She put her hands behind her back. He guided her hands to the edge of the sink.

“Don’t fucking let go.”

It felt like time was stretching, distorted. But it had only been seconds since the lights went out. Her skirt was lifted; she tossed her head, tried to stomp her feet. Something cold and metallic was pressed against her asscheek. She froze.

And then she felt the unmistakable press of a cock on her skin.

Hands felt along her body, stopping at the curved handle of the plug in her ass.

“You got a boot up your chute?” He laughed meanly, and she moaned as he ripped it out of her. The sound of the metal plug landing on the sideboard seemed loud in the silence. In seconds his cock replaced the plug and he fucked her hard and fast. Her head bobbled as he pounded into her, her hips taking the brunt of the bang-bang-bang against the edge of the sink. Her fingers gripped the edge tighter, trying to push back, give her hips a bit of room.

He came with a groan that she felt deep inside her body, the thick pulsing of his shaft in her ass. His hand scrabbled across the sink top, finding the plug. Ruthlessly he shoved it back inside.

“Now you’re all full of my juice, my little fuckhole.”  There was the sound of the door opening, closing. She knew she was alone, alone but for his cum in her ass.

The lights flickered, then came back on. Glancing at her phone, she noted that only 9 minutes had elapsed since she’d left the table. With shaking hands, she pulled off the duct tape, and re-applied her lipstick. Straightening her skirt, fixing her hair, she walked carefully back to where he waited, knees knocking.


He smiled, watching her walk shakily back to him. Her ass was full of the plug…and more. He wondered how she’d tell him of her little adventure in the bathroom.