It’s getting to the point around here that ya’ll are gonna forget this is a sex blog!

What’s up with all the vanilla mundane going on around here, anyway?


Life is getting in the way of the sexy stuff. And really? I have a great story to write. It is this strange mushing together of things…something I was watching on HGTV of all places (that’s Home and Garden TV for my non-American readers)…and then something I read over at Slave 2.0’s blog (a slave in denial)…. They came together like peanut butter and chocolate BAM in my head and i have such a good tale to spin of it..and not a moment of free time to do so.

Had an extra job to do today, with a short turn around, so I’ve been on my feet for 9 hours, and frankly? I’m bushed. (was gonna say beat, but we all know that’s not true!!)

Today was a much better day in my head. A much better day with the kids. Though I will catch up on comment replies on Wednesday (i know, you’re reading this on Wednesday. Confuddling when I write the night before…and my brain is too tired to work out the timing details…but you are smart and can figure me out!)…I owe everyone a lovely reply for all the sweet and supportive comments here on today…yesterday’s …blog post.

And soon it will be Friday. (yeah, rereading this? I can see the non-sequitur of that comment…but you’ll have to just cringe in your grammar-judgemental way coz really i’m too tired to care bout good grammar tonight… so forgive my strange jumpings about and read on!)

Ah, that’s a special day here in nillaville. The D/s side of nillaville, so i hope you will come back here by then..,…and hey, tomorrow is HNT day, and i know of a few of you who won’t miss *that*…LOL you know who you are!

What’s that you’re asking me?

You want to know what makes Friday a special day? Oh, it’s so exciting.

And i want to share.

But i like to surprise you guys so you’ll have to hold your horses and come back then.

Ha, tired but ย not too tired to leave ya’ll hanging.

Speaking of hanging…there are a few folks who are reading Felicitations and I promise there will be more chapters added there before the week is out. And i had an idea… what if i put a little code at the end of my blogpost if there is an update to that story? At the very end of the post, perhaps, a (F) so you know to go read it?

I don’t know, if you’re a subscriber here, do you get an email if i post a new Page? Or only blogposts? I just don’t know…someone of you will have to let me know.

Wednesday will be writing day. I’ve promised myself the morning off to write. The afternoon is supposed to be lovely and 60 (yes after a foot of snow last week, and only 10 degrees this morning, it will be 60 on Wednesday and Thursday promises to be even warmer. So I’m leaving the afternoon open to go out and walk with my kids.

Which reminds me of a little thing Master has going with me. We could all use a little D/s in at least one of my posts this week, eh?

If it hits 70 ย in any part of Massachusetts on Thursday I will “win” a “prize”. In typical Dom fashion, it is a prize of His choosing. And it’s weird. Humiliating. Totally Master-ish.

Know what?

I’m sitting here trying to not tell you what it is, that’s how embarrassing it is to me. Gods. That He can still do this to me…*blush*

You don’t really want to know what it is do you?

(of course you do, you’re those kind of people.)

(the kinky kind.)

(oh, okay, the fun kind)

sheesh you guys this is hard. um. If it hits 70 at all anyplace in the state….i have to …

(oh gods)


(yeah, like it’s not hard to tell ya’ll i gotta swish out the love tunnel.)



you see, it’s the “what” i gotta do it with, right?


I have to douche…


with olive oil.

(His version of “sun tan lotion” ??? Who the fuck knows why?)

You *know* what He will say if I ask “why, Master?”

Because I can, little girl.



15 thoughts on “Geeze

  1. I have been read for quote sometime but do not think I have ever postes. Anyway just had to say I love the words “Because I can” they make me shiver.

    1. Hi Dancing, welcome…

      there is something so magical about “because I can”…it stops me in my tracks, when my vanilla brain is taking over things…He’ll throw that out and instantly I feel submissive once more…


  2. There is no moment of disappointment for me whenever I see that it’s a *real life nilla* post.

    And olive oil hmmm …. Sounds suspicious


    1. Thank you andi…that made my heart smile…what a lovely thing to say.

      Yeah, I’m not sure where the whole olive oil thing came from, but Master does like his little slut games…



  3. Olive oil? sounds slippery…mouse means in applying it…

    As if mouse isn’t already a huge klutz…OMG…really can’t even handle a lubed up diaphragm without launching it across a room.


    1. Laughing…it seems we are klutz sisters then. I sometimes don’t need to cover Master’s marks on me because my family knows I am such a walking bruise-magnet. I can’t even imagine trying to insert a diaphragm….omg…i could never wear tampons when I had periods….coz yanno, i couldn’t…ugh.

      (my what a long way i’ve come…i seem to have no issues with “insertions”….*giggle*)


  4. Long time lurker stopping by to say hi. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lol actually there are health benefits associated with an occasional olive oil douche…I know you’re probably wondering if I have two heads, but it’s not uncommon to those familiar with the alternative medicine world. It’s known to kill vaginitis yeasts and … Er … Prevent above such symptoms when doing other activities. Like switching back and forth from anal to vaginal. Sounds like your Master is just looking out for your health!

    1. hello long time lurker Amy!! Thanks for taking the time to de-lurk and say ‘hey’…I love when that happens!

      oh. so it’s good for us on the “alternative inside” (as opposed to in our stomachs) as well?

      I will ponder that as I watch the mercury climb…climb…(but I’m still hoping it stops at 69!!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. That whole “Because I can” line should come with red flags, warning sirens and a disaster preparedness plan. When Wolf uses that term I just wait, because I know whatever he has in mind will be… diabolical.

    LIke yesterday. We were having a tickle fight, which turned into a spanking… And then he got up, got dressed and ready for work. As he left, his reply to my “That’s not fair!” was… Of course it isn’t, and I did it because I can…” Gahhh!

    Then last night when we were almost ready to have playtime, he starts out with “Honey, would you mind if…” like he was going to ask to wait because he didn’t feel good. I was just about to say, okay when he spanked me again…. ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a lovely time, my ass is still tender, and I pounced him this morning… I’ll pay for that tonight. He was laughing when he went to work.

      1. Yup. Especially when they are being sneaky bastards. ๐Ÿ™‚ That “Oh f*ck, I’ve just been Dommed” can bring a whole new side to a relationship.

  6. Well, it sure sounds like the end of the week will be interesting. You know that a couple of day’s of nilla life isn’t really so bad, it only drives the need for more nilla stories (true or not), and that is a good thing. Tip

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you Tip…You always make me smile!!!

      And finally the story train is winding up again!


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