Can you see it? There’s a really, really big smile behind that poster! Today is a very special day here at vanillamom’s blog.

A super-awesome, thrilling day for nilla…


Drumroll please……

…..today marks the one-thousandth post since i started this blog on 8/29/09.

!!!!!!!!!         1,000         !!!!!!!!!

Not all of those one-thousand blog entries are stories, of course;  there are bunches of HNT’s,  and many of those behind-the-scenes stories of Master and his slut….but I’d reckon that the vast majority of words here are stories from my obviously fevered brain!

One thousand is a lot of blogposts. With hundreds of thousands of words. Hundreds of hours of composing, editing, picture taking, fucking, moaning, masturbating…wow, a whole lot of stuff went into these One. Thousand. Posts.

I can’t seem to stop saying that!! Okay, time to sh’up and do a visual.


Way back when my first story had maybe 200 words…i never dreamed i’d be writing sexy stories of over 1,000 words.

Never thought i’d have a readership who like what i have to say.

Never thought i’d have a Master to love, and be loved by.

Never thought i’d have D/s friends, subsisters, subbrothers; or that i’d find a vanilla friend who’d crossed over to the ‘dark side’, or subsisters who i’d “friend” in vanilla life. Never thought I’d meet some of them in person, hug them, touch them, laugh with them, break bread with them, share life-altering experiences with them, and miss them terribly now that we’re apart.

Never thought that so many of my dark fantasies would find their way into the light of day, nor that  there would be those that  crossed over from fantasy to reality.

And now they are out there. On the interwebs. For perpetuity.

Someday i will die.

But my stories will be out there, living on.


Isn’t that the kewlest legacy of all?

So, pardon the brag…I’m pretty excited, as you could likely guess. I even did *artwork* for this post… 🙂

And of course, we can’t celebrate today without something special, right? How about a story? Something sweet and light? Or a touch of the dragon….hmmm….

Once Upon a Time, in a Shower….

Hot water poured over her. She slumped against the wall, feeling sorry for herself.  This day sucked. Tears mingled with shampoo, sliding off her cheek, plopping onto a breast, falling to the drain.

She sloughed the day under the running water, shucked it as she had her clothing, which lay like a puddle of fabric on the floor. In here, under the hot deluge from her shower,  she sought peace, and solace.

thump thump thump

The sound came through the wall. What the fuck were they doing now? Her fucking neighbors. Just when she needed a break. Needed a moment. Needed a wee bit of quiet and tranquilty, they were making more fucking mystery sounds.

The fury came up from nowhere, and everywhere. It came from her supressed rage as her boss yelled at her, from her frustrations in her life, the commute,  the pay, the everything-that-sucked.

She flicked off the water, threw a wide towel around herself and, hair streaming, stormed out of her apartment. She banged on their door.

Enough was fucking enough.

He leaned on the edge of the door, fingers grasping it over his head, looking her over. She felt the look as if it were a caress, and it made her very conscious that she was naked and dripping under the towel.

“Yes? I’m assuming you’re not selling cookies?”

She bit her lip, shaking her head. He would not make her laugh, the bastard.

“I’m trying to take a shower.”

“Seems like it was a successful endeavor. At the very least, you’re quite wet.”

She rolled her eyes.

“You’re making weird noises. I can hear it in the shower.”
“I’m not making weird noises. I’m standing at the door looking at my neighbors tits.”

She pulled the towel tighter.

“Stop that. Right now just…stop.” She blushed. But now was not the time for blushing, dammit.

“They are very pretty tits, from what I can see of them, anyway.” His hand snaked out suddenly and pulled her into the apartment. “My wife is taking a shower…and here comes Mr. Severs from the elevator. If he sees you, standing here like this, it’s a sure bet that he’ll  pull down his pants and flash us both. Let’s avoid that, okay?”

She rolled her eyes. Severs was notorious for flashing his dick. He was 87, and apparently, still horny. It gave her hope for her own sexual needs, which seemed to be on haitus just now.

He tugged her deeper into the apartment. “I’ll show you the noise.” She shouldn’t. She couldn’t. Yet she offered no resistance as he tugged her into the master bedroom, and opened the bathroom door. Hot steam enveloped them and she shivered.

“Honey, it’s me and I have our sexy neighbor. She said she heard your noise…I think she’s a bit pissed.”

There was a groan, a moan, and as he tugged back the shower curtain, Marci was bent double.

“Oh my gods…” and Katie broke free of Sam’s grip to go to her aid. “Is she having a seizure? Call 911!” She shot him a paniced look, but he stood there with a huge grin on his face. She stepped into the tub, touching Marci on the shoulder.

“So fucking good…” Marci whispered.

“What? Are you okay?” She heard a sound as Marci stepped away from the wall. She was shocked to see the big dong stuck on the wall that would back up to her own shower. Marci’s big tits flopped as she stood up, and giggled.

“Oh honey, you didn’t think…” And she bent over, hands on her wet knees, with a fit of giggles.

“Perhaps our guest would like to try out Big Pete?”

“No!” She was beet-red with embarrassment. Sam, laughing, turned and left the bathroom.  Katie moved to step out of the shower stall. Marci put her hand out to stop her.

“It’s okay, really. Sex is good. Big Pete is a fun toy when Sam is too busy to diddle me in the shower. Hey, um, since you can see mine, can I see yours?”

She pointed at the towel that Katie still had tightly wrapped around herself. She was flustered. This was surreal. She’d known her neighbors for several years. And yes sometimes they made a lot of noise. Obviously they had great sex together.


“It’s okay. I won’t touch unless you say I can…”

She was freaking nuts to have come over here like this. Yet looking at Marci’s pillowy tits made her long to reach out and stroke one. Her skin was dewy from her orgasm, from the shower. Though the water was off, it was still very warm in here.

Or maybe it was the sudden heat between her own thighs. Somehow the towel fell away, and Marci dropped it out of the tub onto the bathroom floor.

“mmm, Sam is right. You do have lovely tits.” Her finger hovered just over the nipple in front of her. “I really want to touch…” The question hung in the air for a moment, before Katies nod of assent allowed it to slid down the slope and circle around the deeper brown center, until at last her fingernail scraped across the sensitive tip. The nipple rose instantly under the harsh caress.

In moments they went from fingertips to hands, exploring each others tits. Marci was the aggressor, and  pinching and kneading the breasts before sucking one fat nipple into her mouth.

Katie was shocked. She’d never had a woman touch her breasts other than her doctor, and certainly never sucking her nipple.

The moan came from her toes, as Marci sucked a mouthful of tit between her lips, biting the flesh within gently. At the same time, her hand began exploring the cleft between Katie’s legs.

“I’m going to turn on the shower.” A naked Sam stepped into the shower with the two women. The sudden spurt of hot water was another layer of sensation. She was mesmerized by what was happening. She saw Sam’s erection bobbing, felt it press against her hip as he stood slightly behind her. She watched Marci take that rigid shaft into her hand, rubbing it briskly.

Alternating between the juicy tit, and succulent cock, Marci snacked on them both.  “Do her.” Sam ordered, and stepped behind Katie,   fondling her tits.

“Open your legs wider, she’s going suck you out.”

Her legs opened, and she wondered, with the last of her rational brain, why she was letting Sam give her orders.  And why she was obeying without question. It was her last clear thought, as he began to pull and mold her tits,  and his wife began lapping at her snatch.

“Hairy down here,” she said, her voice whining a bit.

“We’ll attend to that. Later. Get to work now, slut.”

In seconds, Marci’s mouth was latched onto Katies clit, sucking hard. Sam held her up as her knees wobbled. The hot water surrounded them all, sharp and staccato needles of water adding to the sensations coursing through them.

“My slut-wife is going to make you cum, and then we’ll go into the bedroom and have a fucking good time.”

She lost the thread of that conversation as Marci applied fingers and tongue, lips and suction to her work. Time bent as the new feelings poured through her, her clit throbbing, her pussy shaking and squeezing. When she came, it was fierce and intense.

At Sam’s order, Marci pulled  another orgasm from her steaming pussy. His cock sawed through her slit from behind her;  not entering her pussy, but rubbing her lips, her clit with his thickness. She was lost in a welter of sensations that had been too long denied.

This was the shower of a lifetime, she thought, as she poured another orgasm down her legs and into the drain.

She didn’t notice when the shower went off, and Sam half-carried her to the bed.

The shower was over.

What would come next had not yet begun.