Spring Ahead! Random Thoughts from nilla’s brain…

If you haven’t changed your clocks yet…you’re running an hour behind!

You know, I was always a “hater” (rampantly hated) Daylight Savings Time. It still doesn’t make “sense” to me, this artificial tweaking of the clock…

Yet this past Autumn we had the latest “turn-back” in my life…and I loved having a wee bit more light at the end of even those late fall days.

This year we’ll finally be at the earliest and latest times for the changing of the clocks…it’s been a multi-year phase in.  And despite the loss of one hour of sleep time, I’m diggin’ it. I’ll be able to restart walking in the evenings with real light, and not be getting home from a walk in heavy dusk. That lowers my likelihood of getting hit by a car (it happens a fair bit up here, sad to say), or being “skunked”….neither of which is a happy thought.


WordPress has been doing some serious upgrading, and although I am by NO means a tecchi…some of this stuff is simply amazing and cool. You know, I was dragged, kicking and screaming,  into the computer age just about a dozen years ago…what a change, from someone who refused to touch, look at, or acknowledge a computer’s existence, to the woman who has to blogpost every day, emails frenetically, and even does the facebook thang, eh?  The thought of my old computer phobia….well…that makes me smile, now.

Anyway, back to WordPress, and one of the coolest new things they have for their bloggers…. the stats page upgrade.  It now shows all the countries that people have come here from. In the last week alone, there have been people here from all over the freaking world!  Even China. and Africa. The UK is big, but so too is  Sweden and The Netherlands. And then, some single views during the week, from Cambodia, Luxembourg,  Argentina, and Brazil. In fact, the only “big” land area that hasn’t shown up on my stats is Greenland…just about every other place on the planet is on my page… and all but one single continent (I’m guessing it is simply too cold in Antarctica to think about porn, or everyone is cramming in all the data collection during the short “summer” months, and just don’t have time to masturbate. At least not to my sex blog!!  But still, isn’t that neat information??

Heh. A global nilla.

Whoa…That’s a kind of scary thought, eh? *laughing*

So, dear readers…consider this your shout out, your wave. Thanks for coming from your far-flung land and hanging here in nilla’s naughty playground for a while. And hell, maybe you’ve been coming here and lurking right along…and I just didn’t know it before now…but still…it’s pretty danged neat. (I know, I’m easily entertained….give me weird stats and I’m happy as can be!)


It’s in the shower that many of my dark dreams are born. Now, I suppose that could be laid, scientifically, to the fact that my showers are hot (no not *that* kind of hot, you perv! LOL), and the hot water hitting my head opens my veins, capillaries, whatever, and increases blood flow to my brain.

That could be true.


It could be the mindfulness of my tasks…lathering my hair, I am just in the moment. I love the feel of shampoo working through my tresses, cleaning and shining me up. I love the slick and slithery feel of it between my fingers, the foamy smoothness of the soap…okay, you get the point. And from that Zen perspective, that too could open my inner chi to accepting Universal smut.

I dunno.

Either, both, whatever the cause, another shower, and another smut thought rises to the top.

And I thought…hmmm…I wonder if you ever wondered how some of my stories  get born? Sometimes it starts with a character.

She was shy, timid, even, to the outside world. But in her head, she was another woman indeed. In her mind’s eye, she was brave and strong, standing in thigh high stiletto boots, a man prostrate on the floor, begging for permission to lick the dust from them.

Sometimes there’s a situation the character is facing…

“what if she is tied to the bed with a vibing dildo up her ass and she wants to cum but her Master won’t let her. And she knows He’s at work, coz she’s talking on the phone to him, but he tells her that someone will be coming to her door, coming up the stairs, standing in the doorway…..?”

 Sometimes it is just a snippet of a scene. Here’s the one that was born during my Friday morning shower:

looking down into her eyes, his large hands wrapped around her tits, pulling her across the room by them…

Then a quandary begins. The auto-editor that lives in my head with the Crafter.

no no no…that’s not right. not every person who reads here has big tits. You need to write more stories with women with small tits.

but i have big tits. i write where i come from…

you need to appeal to other readers. find another way to make it work. like…nipple clamps. c’mon you can do this. let’s broaden the appeal….submissives will understand the pain and shudder, and Dominants will salivate with the promise of pain…go ahead, give it a whirl….

grumble. grumble. oh okay. 

he stood in front of her, his teeth gleaming in a feral smile. Silently, holding her eyes and daring her to fidget, he clamped each pert nipple. The moan rose and escaped between her soft lips. His finger hooked in the chain that hung between her breasts. They were small, but perfectly shaped, and so sensitive. With a tug, he began to lead her across the room to the bed.

oh, see? now wasn’t that better?

grumble grumble.

And that’s pretty much how many of my stories start. One little snippet of an action. I get to figure out why she is there (or the editor in my head will tell me it’s unimportant to this tale), what their relationship is, maybe how they met, or simply…what will happen next? Will it just be a D/s scene? or is it just the beginning of a longer tale?

Often I don’t know the answers to the questions. I make them up or discard them at the whim of the editor in my head (i just typed that “whim” as “whimp”…LOL)…she’s a pretty demanding taskmaster. But that’s how they start, the birthplace, as it were. There are often 3 or 4 editing “sessions”…like with this very post. I’ve come back to it on Friday evening before bed, adding and tweeking. And Saturday night after talking to the Master (and being put on ZNN “just because I can, nilla”) (hawtness…i love and hate denial)…I’m back here, more editing, more fine tuning… That’s just the way it works for me.


You can see that this post is really not going anywhere in particular today, just winding around the garden path. Sitting on the patio for a bit, then wandering off again! I am hoping to get some “face time” with Master this Sunday; that’s still up in the air as I write this on Friday… He has a cold and was feeling a bit under the weather. We’ll see what develops there. I’ve been working on a bunch of stories, but none are done quite yet. If I see Master, it might be another time when we sit and work quietly together…or if not, it will be a time for me to work quietly.

Have a great start to the new week, and enjoy yourselves…life is too short to not do something kinky, right (only, if you get arrested, don’t use that defense in court!!)

10 thoughts on “Spring Ahead! Random Thoughts from nilla’s brain…

  1. LOL! You crack me up. By the way, leaping forward makes it an hour sooner for you to have face time.
    I’m going to go have a look at my stat page later. Forgot all about it. And while you edit and edit, I sit, write and read through it once and post. Drives Wolf crazy. 🙂
    Love you dear!

    • You are so right! A wee bit earlier to see my Master…we’re here together now, and i have my foot up in his pantleg and he’s shooting daggers at me, and telling me i am a kindergartener…so funny. He has such an expressive face…and those eyes…mmmmmm

      love you sis!


      • oh no, and i was so pissed. I switched purses and forgot to move my heart stickers into the new bag. My bad. So so so upsetting. I took my entire purse apart while He just stared at me.



    • do do?

      no, sfp, i do draw the line at do do..



      thank you for the wonderful compliment!

      hugs and much love,


  2. And just for the record, if i get arrested for anything, i will tell them you told me to do it….

    I think it’s a weird coincidence that we’re both blogging about DST today, but maybe not, maybe kinksters across the world are too, right? Haven’t finished mine yes, but really enjoyed your rambling journey through the garden of your mind.

    And yeah, what Sfp said ~ i’m glad you do it too!!



    • LOL..

      nilla made me do it officer…. (oh, isn’t there a cop story there, sis? LOL)

      Thanks for the nod…glad you liked the morning rambles!



  3. Just so you know, there isn’t anyone on Antarctica except for scientist, and military who support them, and when I was there in the navy, there wasn’t a lot of private time for any solo romance, and since the military is involved, no idea on how much they regulate the internet. There maybe 2000 people on the entire continent, during the summer and less than 300 in the winter. Hope you get to see Sir B today, I’m sure a good blow job will make him feel better. Tip

    • You’ve been to Antarctica…? How neat (was going to say “cool” but that was too obvious, even for me…LOL)


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