Enter the Sounds of Silence


I’m speechless, literally. NO voice. Urg. I hate that. And I’m on Dr. orders to be silent for 24 hours (omfg)…

I feel…well, sick.

Muddle headed, tired, yuk.

This will likely be my shortest blogpost, um, maybe ever.

Behind on comment replies.

Behind on Feliciations chapters (i know i promised…but circumstances alter cases…sorry guys…)

Behind on story writing in general.

And no O’s coz Master wants me to conserve my energies. A tired, very tired nilla, is off to bed. Antibiotics should kick in by tomorrow and have me feeling much better, but for now i’m taking my tired, sick, boring old ass to bed.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side…(and as i reread this i realize…um. You’re all going to be reading this in the morning…so …yeah, ya’ll are smart enough to figure it out. 🙂

And when the floodgates open when I’m feeling better…be warned; that’s often when the dragons come out to play… mwhahaha..koff koff..

And another thing.

I HATE BEING QUIET FOR SO LONG. It’s fucking impossible. Just sayin’.  *grumble*

Oh, and of course.

The one day. The ONE fucking day. I’m too yuk-feeling to put any make up on. NONE. I mean, I NEVER go out without make up on.

Dontcha know that I meet an old old friend of mine. She’s looking gorgeous. Tall, dressed in black with a colorful scarf…stunning. I squeeeek to her, she smiles at me. We “talk” for a minute.

I get my teabags (horrors, I was almost out!) and get into my car and see my red nose, swollen cheeks, blotchy face in the rear view.


I have some vanity here people.

I was embarrassed. . I admit it. I looked like I’d been dragged across a field or something. Face first.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but still.

Sheesh. Now, enough of this wretched self pity. I know it’s my blog and i can come here and whine and moan and complain…but that’s not the nilla you are used to seeing, and really? not the nilla i’m used to being.


Tomorrow when I wake up I promise to be in a better mood.



(and make up too!)

and yes, aisha, i am writing to keep my writing streak unbroken, lol, and because if i didn’t put something here? Someone would think i was dead or something. *nodding* Ya’ll would, too, wouldn’t ya?

And before I forget (again)..March is almost half over but it’s bloggers q and a month.

That means…. if you’ve  had a burning question that you’ve dying to ask and never quite dared….or if there is something about nilla that you have wondered about …now is your time to ask. I think I’m pretty much an open book, but this way the invitation is out there. I will do my utmost to answer your question(s) honestly.

(It’s almost publishing time and I’m still awake. . . I hate that. I’m so tired. So medicated. But there are thunderstorms right on the doorstep here (yes, Thunderstorms in New England on March 13 and at 1144 p.m. it is STILL 53 degrees outside. So. Fucking. Strange)

Okay, going shut down the puter before it gets blown up by tstorm energy, and try to sleep.