HNT 3/15/12 “Man-dated”

Last week Master was not feeling well. I couldn’t deliver chicken soup, rub his feet, nor do any of the things I wanted to do…so I did what I could to cheer Him up.

I sent Him Boobage.


We were talking the next day. The pix had done their work and He sounded pretty good. We chatted for a while, and then He said it.

Oh nilla….

“Yes Master?”

All those tit pic’s from yesterday? (He pauses a moment to let the tension build)


I want every pic you sent me to be on your HNT this week.




“Every one? ALL of them, Master?”

All your readers will get a bargain…six pics for the price of one.

So, dear pervie readers, on orders from my Master, here is this weeks ‘expanded’ HNT.

“good morning, Master- this is the slut-version of “morning wood”

Hey Master…I know I rarely wear nighties, but this morning I did…thought You might like a wee peek inside….

Hi Master…I’ve been busy writing, but didn’t want you to feel lonely….and see? there is still a wee bit of bruise on my left tit…

Hi Master….I call this one “concealed boobage”

Hey Master…this one will cheer You up…its a Fucking Heart!!! *giggling*

g’nite Master….