HNT 3/15/12 “Man-dated”

Last week Master was not feeling well. I couldn’t deliver chicken soup, rub his feet, nor do any of the things I wanted to do…so I did what I could to cheer Him up.

I sent Him Boobage.


We were talking the next day. The pix had done their work and He sounded pretty good. We chatted for a while, and then He said it.

Oh nilla….

“Yes Master?”

All those tit pic’s from yesterday? (He pauses a moment to let the tension build)


I want every pic you sent me to be on your HNT this week.




“Every one? ALL of them, Master?”

All your readers will get a bargain…six pics for the price of one.

So, dear pervie readers, on orders from my Master, here is this weeks ‘expanded’ HNT.

“good morning, Master- this is the slut-version of “morning wood”

Hey Master…I know I rarely wear nighties, but this morning I did…thought You might like a wee peek inside….

Hi Master…I’ve been busy writing, but didn’t want you to feel lonely….and see? there is still a wee bit of bruise on my left tit…

Hi Master….I call this one “concealed boobage”

Hey Master…this one will cheer You up…its a Fucking Heart!!! *giggling*

g’nite Master….

19 thoughts on “HNT 3/15/12 “Man-dated”

  1. Well, now this may be a two-fer. I’m home this morning a bit under the weather myself, and will use your pictures of your beautiful brea.. to make me feel better, but I’m really really sick and may need more medicine, so keep your camera handy just in case, now back to the pictures. Tip

    • LOL!

      I’m sure He loved “serving” in that capacity…LOL…my family hates being a mannequin for *my* projects!! Aww…thanks for the boobage smile! I love YOU!


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