Under the Weather, Still, and a Q for Q & A Month!

Oh, mah gawd. Being sick for an entire week sucks. I am tired, dragging my ass around the house, attending to my stuff…coz when you’re a stay at home mom, that’s what you do, right?

Master has issued ZNN for the foreseeable future, and lots of rest. I know I’m not getting enough, Sir, but I am trying! He sent me a note Thursday morning (He sends me a note every morning, but Thursday I got three…!) that said in part:

just get better–it’s no fun injecting pain on a slut who’s too weak to hurt…

Maybe that’s what I need…an injection of pain? But He’s right, I’m weak as a kitten and don’t think I could take it. Bummer. And it sucks that I *still* have no voice and cannot talk to Him…it’s all email and texts right now.  Maybe by Saturday.


I, nilla, am finally of sound body. (Please note I did not say “mind”, as obviously, I am not!!) I wrote the bulk of today’s post on Thursday morning when I was still feverish and feeling yuk. But sometime later in the afternoon, the fever broke, the antibiotic that I’ve been on for days began to kick in, and WOWZA… I’m not quite ready to dance in the street singing “I Feel Good”… but dayam, I do!

I think I can even revise the next paragraph….hmmm…maybe not (giggle)….

And my mother-in-law is coming this weekend. Happy happy, joy joy. I love her but gods…it’s almost too much. At least I work on Saturday and will get a bit of a break. She drains me, and that’s the truth. The absolutely most negative person you’d ever meet…and a snarky mean bitch, often.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of snark  in me…but it’s a constant stream of it. Lack of filters? I don’t know.

(see why I had to leave that as it was? yeah. I do love her, she’s kinda been a surrogate  mom to me, but the last few years have not been her finest, as far as her outlook on life, I guess. And sometimes she’s mean to my kids, which ALWAYS makes me a double snarky bitch.)

Okay, let’s leave that path and get to the question part of today’s post. It’s  from Tyger…who asks if, before Master, I was only attracted to women.

I wrote Tyger a response in comments, but that hardly seems fair. I was  asked a question and it’s question month so here is my answer in a more public way!

My first sexual foray was with a guy, a few months after my family moved to a new City. Very shortly after that sexual foray, my new BFF and I had a wild summer of sex and debauchery.

Of course, it was while I was still seeing my steady guy, who was also her neighbor and friend, and a College Guy. (I had just graduated High School.) I’m not sure if he ever knew the depth of our friendship, she and I….but she knew I was with the guy.

Her mom forced us apart after she found out about our affair, and I broke up with the guy and started dating a creep. And was still very interested in my old BFF, who is now my wife.

For the first part of my relationship with my now-wife, she did date guys, while I didn’t. We had a semi-open relationship, I guess. I likely could have dated, but didn’t.

Until Master I’ve not been truly attracted to men…I mean Patrick Stewart, but no one IRL…It would not bother me a bit if my wife wanted to date, but she is more possessive and if i did, openly,  it would break up our marriage.

Now I know that there is a name for being attracted to both sexes, bisexual.

Tyger, I hope that answer your question!

Remember that there are still two weeks left in March, and if you have a q for me, you can post it in comments, OR you can email me at vanillmom4@gmail.com.

And for an even more positive note,  I’ve started having a LOT of sex dreams…D/s sex dreams. And I’m remembering them, so this enforced rest from creative writing has certainly helped with renewing my writing libido! Hopefully I will have enough energies to start capturing them….maybe even later today. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Hope your Friday is as awesome as mine is shaping up to be!! Woot!