If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Real…

Some people call this TMI Tuesday, but I don’t answer a set of proscribed questions so it’ s just real nilla day today!

I had every intention of writing. You know…something steamy and sexy and sensual and arousing.


Mom Nature called; she had other plans for me! It was 82* here, sunny and HOT! It was a day to go through my closet, my dresser, and take away things I absolutely won’t wear again; we’re poised (as I write this) on the edge of the Vernal Equinox, and I just can’t see myself wearing my favorite fuzzy sweater again this season,  yanno?

Today was spent washing winter bedding and throwing everything on the clothes line to dry in the abundant sun, and in watching my kids ride their bikes and scooters, and making lemonade, clearing cobwebs, both mental and physical, from my house.

Tomorrow I will be ready, I think, to write. (Gosh, give a woman a week off to be sick and what does she do once she’s recovered? Fritter her writing time away on mundane chores???)

My great green goddess! What a greedy slut!


I did do some “housework” here too…..if this is the first time you’ve come here since my spring “make-over” for Vanillamom, what do you think? I’ve chosen a different format, one that I hope is a bit easier to read and navigate. Do let me know what you feel…good and/or bad. Master will check it out and give me His feelings on the upgrade. . . but I welcome all thoughts.

How I adore that Man! You know he relented and gave me an orgasm Sunday night after all…I earned that, coincidentally, because we’d made a bet. He didn’t recall seeing my O report from Friday, yet I clearly remembered writing it. Trouble was,  had I actually sent it? He challenged me – if I stood by my claim that I had indeed sent it and he had just missed seeing it, and it really was in his “In” box…I would get a Sunday night O.


If I was mistaken, and took the bet, and lost….I would forfeit ALL my O’s, even on our special day of the week when I always get a special message and at least one O. Giving up that O would be HUGE. Losing a week’s worth of O’s is always difficult….but I was really 99.99% certain that I had sent that report to Him.

I agreed to His terms.

And then after hanging up (I was driving to the City to get the teen)…I was in a mental quandary…Had I sent it? I was so medicine-fogged on Saturday…I didn’t remember what time of day I had sent it, although I remembered clearly telling him my thoughts about the glass dildo, which I got to use for the first time.

I got to church and pulled out my phone and logged into my email and YES! There it was. I’d not used the caption “O Report” like I usually do, I’d labeled it “So, Master….”


What a relief. And that is  how nilla bagged her Sunday Orgasm!

Of course, with our big D’s…nothing comes without a price. When I got home, He texted me.

oh, by the way, little girl…When you finally have that O…I want your electric vibe on your clit.


I want you to climb the mountain 4 times before you come. Understood?

Four times.

FOUR times? He’s never made me climb the mountain four times before falling over. And the clit thing. Gods He loves to torture my poor clit. I was already very horny. Spent the day being horny after that epic Starbucks experience. When I touched my clit with my finger? Hard and swollen and sensitive….and this was *before* the fucking vibe.


He did NOT mention at what speed to put the thing on, so I settled for 75% power… that’s enough zing to make it torturous…but not so bad that it is incredibly painful. And it’s not so low that if He asks later …. that he’ll think I lowballed it, and took advantage of his good nature.

I texted back an “okay Master,” finished working on my Sunday at Starbucks post, and sent that to Him for approval. Once approved, I set it up on the blog, and got busy with that “assignment.”

Now, four times up Fuck Mountain may not seem like that hard of an assignment, but trust me…I was so horny that I booted from “base camp” to the rocky edge in minutes….only to have to pull away the vibe and back my ass away before I fell over.

I lay, gasping, panting, heart racing.

I wanted, needed, to cum so badly. My whole body quivered with suppressed need. Eventually it calmed, and back to work I went…and in minutes was right back up there.

Master has trained me pretty well to get to three and LEAP out into the abyss of orgasm…

So stopping there had a certain…well…sadistic… twist.

It was so fucking hard to stop. And then to start again? My arm was tired from the vibe. My other arm was tired from fucking.

Stop laughing…they were very tired arms.

(I hear you giggling–this is serious stuff here (I know -who am I kidding, right?))


My body just kinda stopped.

There I was, vibing and fucking and all of a sudden,  my pussy went “HUH?”

“What, you think I’m fucking nuts? You’ve already pulled the football away three times, Lucy, and I’m not fucking Charlie Brown here. No. Not gonna fall for it…”

And she turns away.

From close to the top of the hill, I slid down a scree slope to about half-way down. What the fuck? There’s nothing for it than to turn the vibe up a wee notch. I can’t let it get to full power coz that will just send me into orbit, and naked astronauts don’t do so well up in space.

Besides….it would fucking hurt. My nipples were already screaming. I’d pegged them with two clothes pins each (He wanted pain, lots of pain, to go with this scene) and occasionally the throb from them would drown out the throb in my clit.

Turning up the vibe seemed to convince my pussy that I was serious about going up that hill once again. I could feel her distrust…her whine about getting there being too hard…blah blah…and then suddenly the heat just enveloped me…

I was right there.

Right fucking there…and I mashed down on my clit, and fucked with the vibe and when I came it was like breaking into atoms….

Wow, what a fucking fucking AMAZING rush that was.

Clit throbbing like it had been beaten (and well, it was kinda)

And my nipples screaming…and my lungs gasping for air…and my heart racing…..it was a wet wet wet orgasm, and I lay there, trembling for quite a few minutes, sweaty and with a tsunami of pussy honey leaking from me.

And when it was done, rather than being sleepy? I was turbo-charged. Yeah, it was one of those kind of O’s….

So I sent Master a sext.

And He replied.

And I sent another.

And it went back and forth like we were teenagers…until 1230 a.m. when He finally put His foot down and sent me to bed.

Tonight we talked as he drove home from a late meeting.

He gave me another orgasm tonight…but with another set of conditions…vibe on the clit. Four treks up the mountain. And that fucking vibe has to be set at 75% for the first three trips.


(He pauses for effect here. I go nuts. In my head I’m going “andandandand fucking WHAT????” and He know’s I’m doing that, and yet he lets it goes on, that silence, that fucking “and” hanging there…baiting me…. and finally I can’t hold it back, it slips out and I say (in a begging voice)….)

And, Master? And?

He laughs. That rich and wicked, sinful laugh that I love.

For that last trip up the mountain, little girl….the vibe goes up to 100%.

I gasp. “Oh Master…that’s going to kill  me….so much torture!! OMG…Master….”

And he laughs again, and asks me if I know what the best part of that is. I think to myself…”not dying”….but say “no, Master.”

On all those other treks up the mountain? You’ll be thinking and fretting about the last one.

He knows me, knows me inside and out. Of course I’ll be thinking about that!  I may have whimpered, then.

And He laughs that wicked Sadist’s laugh once more.