HNT A Tale of Two Titties…

I know, that was a terrible thing to do to Shakespeare, wasn’t it? Yet I laugh.

Master had asked me to share this pic on HNT because it amused him. It is from two weeks ago when I was still wearing His bruises from our last playdate. And I admit I forgot about it, and then he asked me to post all those other pix last week….so here it is now…a morning tit pic for Master, and he likes it coz it looks like my nipple is giving him the finger…(go figure)

And then there is this second pic which I sent to Him from work last Saturday. Yes, my name is nilla and i do sexting… Hey, the Master was tied up all day and i figured a pretty tit shot would cheer him up.

It did.


He loves those cleavage shots, and he immediately texted me back “Bloggable”….

So there you go. Shakespeare, I hope you like tits….