Fuck Up!

Wednesday night, driving home from the City (and my yoga class), I called Master. I’d had a bit of a stressful day…nothing ginormous, mind you, but the kind of  “water over granite”  day that wears you down in subtle increments.

So, there I was,  talking to Master…asking Him a question.

And He didn’t answer me right away, and …


I  snapped .  And what I said was rude, definitely not submissive, AND… (hangs head)   it was even *said* in a snarky voice:

“I just want to know if You want to meet in the morning or the evening Master, it’s a simple question.”

There was an immediate  response to that.

Whoa…what did I just hear? Was that nilla?

I tried to backpedal, but obviously way way WAY too late. He told me it was the kind of voice a man hears when he has to bring home milk and bread.

And He let that hang there.

I am not his wife.

I am not his partner.

I am not his equal.

I am not in charge.

I am nilla, and boy am I  a stupid slut.

We worked it out… he was…surprised. Startled. Put-off. Not mad. In 2.5 years, I have never spoken to Him like that. Ever.

He called me an Assertive. Salacious. Slut.

So I have a new acronym that I must use every Wednesday in texts and emails for infinity.


*blush* Talk about a lesson on manners.

Now, on Wednesday night, sometimes I get an O, and sometimes…not.  I figured, mega fuck up, no O. I didn’t want to ask. But He kind of led me up to it as our conversation began to wind down, as I got closer to home. And I got that He wanted me to ask. I figured He wanted me to ask so that He could gleefully deny me, and I said as much to Him.

Oh, no, nilla. I want you to have an O. As a thank-you gift.

I pondered that for a bit.  “A thank you Master?”  I say at last.

Yes, nilla. I owe you a big thank you.  You see, nilla, I have a list. I keep  all your little …infractions…on it.  That way, if  someday I feel …guilty? No not guilty….If I  need motivation when I beat you, I can go to that  list, and read of your misadventures, and use that as inspiration. Ah yes.  Inspiration.

Of course today’s little episode is not the first thing on my list.

The first thing on my list is:   Because I can.

But this new thing? This ASS thing? That’s a big number two reason. I’m going to hit your ass so hard it’ll bruise in seconds.

I’m think about using  SCFT – blade side up on your well spanked ass to bring about immediate welts which I will then crush back into whence they came with SCFT flat/curved as it is intended to be used under Normal Torturous Conditions (NTC). But then again, thanks to your impromptu A.S.S move, NTC’s don’t really exist anymore – do they – n’est pas?

So, tonight’s O is a thank you for adding to the motivation to smack your ass.

I kind of giggle. I mean, this was somewhat amusing to me. Don’t ask me why, i have no idea. It just was.  I know, it’s weird. I allay it all to the stress of fucking up, to the dastardly thought of the FSCT being used on the thin side edge on my ass. He interrupts my puzzled musing and small giggles.

Oh, and nilla?

About that O…

Here it comes, I think. NOW He’s going to take it away. Ha. As if. When He’s on a roll? He’s amazing.

It must have pain. It must have LOTS and LOTS of pain. You’ll climb that mountain four times again…but with so much more pain. Tell me, little girl, what hurts you the most while you fuck your pussy? Hmmm?

I stutter a bit.

“Um…if I use two pegs on each nipple…that hurts a lot.

“Good, use that.”  He pauses. “What else, little girl?”

I swallow hard. He wants more?

“Really Master? More?”

Really.   More.   Much more. Tell me.

He growls that last part. I can’t help it…it turns me on, even while my knees are shaking. “P-pegs on my belly. Those hurt like fuck, Master.”

“Good. Do it. What else?”

OMG, I think …he wants MORE?

“Oh Master”…I’m almost near tears now.

Tell Me.

His voice is demanding. He *knows* –I know He knows what I don’t want to say next…My voice drops lower.

“The vibe, Master.” I whimper.

“Ohhh, the vibe, that’s right. HOW bad is it?”

“It’s bad when the power is up there.”

“Good. Do it. DO IT.”

I whimper, thinking 75-80 % power is gonna be tough for four treks up that mountain. Again He interrupts my musing.

Nuclear! I want it fucking turbo-nuclear!!

His voice is gleeful and gutteral and growly and so fucking turning me on…And…it makes me shudder.
“Master!” I gasp, I plead with Him……”no..no really? Not..not…”

FULL POWER, slut. For all four trips That fucking vibe stays ON your clit the WHOLE time.”

When He laughs, it’s with satisfied glee. “Yes, that’s perfect.” He reiterates:

Double pegs on your nipples. Pegs on your belly. Vibe on full high, on your clit,  for the entire time.

“Yes Master.”

The call ends, and I know He is satisfied. He’s taught me a very valuable lesson in controlling my mouth.