She sent the text at the last moment.

i know you want me to call in a minute, but may i pee first?

On the verge of heading out of her room to go, since He never controlled that part of her, the chime of the text drew her back. She really needed to pee, but she was as obedient to the text chime as a Pavlovian dog to its bell.

No. Call now.

She blinked. Really? Now? Geeze, how had she let the time slip away like that? Proofreading her blog took time, but she’d not realized she’d gone into the story for that long.

Sliding up onto her bed, she dialed.

So, you need to take a piss.

Hell of a way to start a conversation, she thought. “Yes, Master, I do need to pee.” She felt the blush come, and was glad that He couldn’t see her. While she had once fantasized about someone owning her enough to control every aspect of her life, she understood the impracticality of it.

And yet.

Every now and then He threw her a curve ball, and she found herself bending to His implacable will to catch it.

“So, slut, you were going to fob me off and be late for our ‘date’ because you needed to take a piss?”

The tone was mild, yet there was a small rebuke in there.

“I’m sorry, Master. I was working on the blog and time slipped away and then…”

“Excuses, excuses, slut.” He cut through her reasons quickly. He was not interested in “why’s”…but in results. She wondered what the penalty would be for this, minor though it was.

“So, my slut has to pee, and yet…it’s time to fuck.”

She blinked. He was going to ….and not let her…..

“Yes Master,” she answered hastily.

“Gosh, I hope you don’t piss on your sheets. That would be uncomfortable for sleeping in, wouldn’t it?”

She cleared her throat. Tried to swallow down the embarrassment.

“Well, Master, you know…sometimes a full bladder can …um…enhance the feelings from masturbating.”

There was a pause.

“I guess we’ll find out, won’t we? Get your powerful vibe. And that dildo with the curve in it.”

She loved that combination. Yet…that curved dildo that pressed so nicely against her g-spot, would also press up towards her bladder. How fucking devious was that? Add the vibe pressing against her and she’d be hard pressed to ‘hold it’….the Bastard!


Somehow, lord knew how, she’d managed to hold onto her throbbing bladder. Through the pegging of her nipples. And her belly. And the slapping of those tight-grasping clothes pins. How the pain turned her on, how the full load of her bladder turned her on, how Him taking all the power, all the control turned her on.

When it was over, when three orgasms had painted her sheets with a dousing of sex juice (and not a drop of urine!), she lay back against the pillows, spent. Yet, her nipples and belly, still clamped, throbbed firmly.

And her bladder was yelling.


“Yes, slut? What now? What could you possibly need now? Three orgasms and you’re still asking for things?”

She heard the humor there. He was going to make her beg, she just knew it. But first things first.

“Um, the pegs, Master…?”

“Yes? What about them?”

“uh…they’re still on my nipples and belly, Master.”



“Oh, are you asking a question, little girl?”

Her toes curled against the sheets. The casual way He wielded His power over her was a thrill.  “Yes, Sir. May I take the pegs off my nipples and belly?”

“Hit them again for me.”

She did, moaning.

“One would think that it hurt to obey me, little girl.”

She giggled, despite the pulling pain from the pegs.  “Yes Master, it does indeed.”

“Very well, you may take them off…tonight I’m being so indulgent with you, letting you open them to take them off. Another night, I’m just going to have you pull them.”

She moaned, thinking of the pain of that, and could feel her pussy clench. She was so close to another orgasm…His voice, His will, the pain, the promise of future pain…and the unceasing throb from her bladder.

One last thing, little girl, and then I’ll let you go take a piss. Starting now, and until further notice, I want you to text me each and every time you pee. Not for permission, just informing me.


And…I want you to text a specific word…”pussypissy”…because I can imagine  your piss streaming down onto your pussy, washing all that cum into the toilet. What a picture!


At long last she got to the bathroom, releasing her full bladder. She could feel cum dripping, just as He’d imagined. Returning to her room, she sent the first required text:


Snuggling into her blankets, she was surprised when her text chimed.

PussyPissy is an activity;  PissyPussy is an attitude! Get it right next time.

With a smile, she slid under the blankets, and off to sleep.