HNT 3/29/12 Bulbous

Master’s word of the week this week has been “bulbous”….i’ve sent him titpix, and His response, though varied, contains the word bulbous.  I wasn’t sure I loved the word, not that it mattered whether I loved it or not…and yet, when it came to captioning this pic? That was the only word that came to mind.  Snort. That Man. He’s so in my head.

21 thoughts on “HNT 3/29/12 Bulbous

  1. From the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

    bulbous: resembling a bulb especially in roundness

    I can see why the term came to both of you!

    • *smiling*

      I had initially resented the term, thinking more of WC Fields nose….but I’ve come to be very fond of it!


  2. What a play ground!!!!!!!! I say we take a collection up and send it to Sir B for lot’s and lot’s of rope, and clamps, he needs to tie those wonderful Brea.. up before they get loose. Tip

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