Irate (2)

first part can be found here

She lay panting through her nose. Curling away from the driver of the moving van, she used the edge of her index finger to start prying the duct tape away from her mouth.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Mz. Tucker.” The words carried a fair warning. How the fuck had he seen her? Peering around the interior of the van, she caught the flash of silver. A mirror. There were small mirrors on the interior. She whimpered.

Rage transformed to fear as the miles rolled away under the van tires. Her wrists hurt from the bindings, she was sweating, and she was hoping that somehow, someway, she could convince them to let her go.

For a short while the van had been stopped, but she could neither hear, nor see why. Yet, a few minutes later,  Will, who was driving her car, came to the window. She heard the rattle of paper, as he handed Boss  a bag. She smelled fries and a burger. She felt her tummy roll, the fast bite of nausea.  Yet, they both ignored her.

“Ready to roll?”

“Yup, I’m good. You need to pee? I can watch the van.”

Boss  declined, and turning the wheel, got underway again.

Unless she moved he paid her no mind; she preferred it that way, really.  The beginnings of a plan came to her. If she could shimmy down towards the back doors, perhaps she could use her foot to open one. Or failing that, be ready to jump out and run when the door did open. She toed off her high-heeled pumps, and stretched a bit. She saw the bastard glance back at her, then turn back to the front. Apparently she hadn’t alarmed him with her small movements.

Her stomach was growling; the morning coffee and stingy three bites of her croissant were but a distant memory, when she felt the rumble of road changing. They slowed, driving a bit further, before rolling to a slow stop. She sat up, head bowed as if in surrender.

The Bastard parked the van, pocketing the key. He came out and around the back. When the door opened, she kicked at him, slid out and ran…right into the arms of Will, who had parked beside them, unbeknownst to her. She whimpered low in her throat. Fuck!

He took a fistful of hair and smacked her face sharply.

“Bad slut! Bad!”

He dragged her over to the other man. “Tell the Boss  you’re sorry.” He shook her head, bringing tears to her eyes. She muttered behind the tape.

He shook her again. “Not sincere enough. Try again whore, or you’ll be in big fucking trouble.”

She looked up into the big man’s face. His eyes were …amused. Was this some sort of fucking game to them? She shook her head, vehemently. “no”

The Boss held a small keyfob in his hand. With the same smile on his face, he depressed a button.

The pain was excruciating…it bit through her throat, slamming through her body like a thousand needles. She fell to her knees, whimpering.

“That’s a fine place to be, slut,” came Will’s voice from behind her somewhere. Through a fog she felt her skirt being raised, her panties pulled down her thighs. Her face lay in the weed-choked verge, tears and snot gluing sand to her cheeks, when she felt a cock pressing into her. She shook with the lingering traces of the shocking jolt, unable to stop him from sliding his cock into her pussy.


“Happens sometimes with the shocker. Saves on lube, right?” Boss laughed. His sneaker clad feet were right in front of her face. She felt his large hand tangle in her hair, lifting her head, even as she felt the thudding of hips against her ass. She was dizzy, woozy from shock and lack of air. With a quick tug, he pulled the tape from her mouth, then the cloth. She squealed.

“Your mouth is better put to use this way, Mz. Tucker, rather than ranting and raging at two guys who came all this way just to help you out. Now you’re going to show us just how grateful you can be. And Mz. Tucker? If you try biting my cock, I’ll be removing your teeth for you.”

In seconds, his piss-scented cock was pressing against her lips. A sharp tug on her hair made her gasp, and he slid his cock deep into her mouth.

“Will, is your cock nice and wet in this bitch’s pussy? Coz her mouth is sure nice and hot… and she’s gonna suck my dick until it’s nice and hard. When I’m done,  we can switch and she can clean you up. Won’t you, Mz. Tucker? You’ll suck all your pussy juice and his jizm from his cock?”

She stared up at him, as he jolted his hips forward, and buried his half-hard cock  down her throat. She gagged, tried to shake her head, but only choked further on the cock growing ever harder and longer in her mouth.

“You’ll like it. Pussy tastes great. And semen? Well, let’s just say, you’ll grow to like it before we get you all moved into your new home. You surely will, Mz. Tucker.”

His words trailed off as he continued to thrust into her mouth. Her lips were stretched around the fattest cock she’d ever seen. Her lovers, to a man, had all been of the more modest size. This monstrosity was going into her vagina? No …there was absolutely no way the thing would fit. She’d be torn apart.

She was rocked back and forth by the cocks in her pussy and mouth. There was a loud groan, and fingers biting into her hips as Will spurted his come inside of her. She wondered, for a moment, about disease. And then, realized she hadn’t been on the pill in several months.

Holy fuck. This couldn’t get any worse.

8 thoughts on “Irate (2)

  1. O, yeah, skimmed this one really fast, too dragon-laden for me, that’s ok, you do them so well, and i have to read. like a train wreck for me, really.

    But i agree with Wordwytch, i’m betting it’s gonna get worse.



  2. Okay, now I know I’m getting old. Read this yesterday, had something really clever to say ( at least in my own little mind). Now I don’t know what I wanted to say, but I do like this story. Tip

  3. FINALLY able to leave a reply and this is what i thought about this post.


    Sexy dragons here nilla, sexy and scary… so ultimately… you got it sexy lol.


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