*clears throat*   *pauses for deep breath*    i….

Tell Me

…..*sigh*… has…i am…

Look at me. No, right here, in my eyes. Good girl.  Are you listening? Yes? Good.  I want you to tell Me, right now.

i don’t know what to do, Sir…my life is spinning around me and …and i feel guilty just …coming here…and dumping it into your lap.


It’s not funny, Sir. Not to me.

I know it’s not….but…..have a care for your tone, little one.

*cries softly* see? Now i’ve even fucked *this* up, Sir….

*soft laugh* Your glass isn’t even half full, is it little one. Come here. That’s right. Your hair is so soft. Mmmm, doesn’t that feel good? You like it when I grab you that way, don’t you. My little girl, and my slut. Come. Here.

ow ow OW! my HAIR! OWIES….

That’s right, right over my knee…good girl. Reach around now, tug down your panties. What a lovely round bottom you have. That’s good. Hands at your back now. That’s good, yes, lock those fingers tight…


Doesn’t that feel good? Don’t forget to count, little one. Tell Me that you’re grateful for my hand on your bottom…

*muffled* One—thank you Sir

Two—thank you Sir

Three–thank you Sir

F-four–th-thank you s-Sir…Ow ow ow ow …

FIVE! Five THANK YOU Sir…*whimpers*

That’s a good girl. Nice red glow starting on this cheek, can you feel the heat? So warm under my palm.  Now, lift your foot to me….that’s right. Good. I forgot the paddle…you’re shoe will work nicely.

SIX OH SIR! Thank YOU Sir..


Eeeeeeeee….eight…oh Sir that hurts…Thank you Sir..

*shrieks loudly*

*shrieks louder*

Slut…You forgot your numbers AND your manners…I guess we need to start over again…

whimpering *shriek*whimpering

oh oh oh…One…thank you Sir…..


7 thoughts on “Chasten

      1. Are you sure? When he and his friend built it, they both tried it out. On each other. A light whack was okay. A medium whack was whoa! A heavy whack was make your eyes go ‘a-oooogah!’.

        You sure you don’t want it? 🙂

    1. thanks…

      much appreciated. You were the inspiration for this one and the next “short” on Friday…just so you know. Those random remarks that get stuck in my brain…



  1. I find it interesting that you little sluts get just what you want by forgetting to count. If that isn’t the damnedest thing. Tip

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