Attack of the Killer Pussy

My pussy has done it again.

It seems it wasn’t all that long ago that I told you that my pussy had killed another vibe. I switched to an electric vibe that was.. …

Oh, only the best  Oooh la la… ever!

Yeah, that sucker was freaking awesome. Right up until my Supergirl cunt crushed it. And now, it’s dead. I didn’t even fuck with that one too much…mostly, I  used as a clit toy, and an occasional bit of fucking. Apparently, a bit tooooo much!

Master LOVED to make me torture my clit with the thing turned up to HIGH…Gawds, that was *brutal*…yet i LOVE this particular vibe. So much so…that I bought another of the very same kind.

And …another vibe, too! Yes, TWO vibes! But wait, there’s more! (laugh)

NO…it’s not a hitachi…i’m still kinda scared of those. I came very close to it, to purchasing a Hitachi….but at the last second…decided to get  a traditional vibe.  (PLUS… they had a special, and i got a *third* one free …aaaand……since it’s free,  i won’t even care when my pussy crushes that one to death, LOL!) By the time you are reading this, my new ‘friends’ will have arrived, and, hopefully, been ‘toyed’ with.


Is it only me that manages to “Terminate” every vibe after 4-5 months, or are products just made that badly? Coz I gotta tell you, I’m not at all thrilled to be spending $70 so soon after I just spent $50.  (I got every vibe on sale this time. I’m learning!)

Spring is cleaning time …the time when you look at things and go “why the hell am i keeping this? This is so…Autumn…” (or dead. or broken. or unused…you get the pattern here)

I do that in the house, in the tool shed, and….in my sex toy box.

Yes folks, I did a major overhaul of my toybox last weekend. And you have to know how thrilling it is for me, every time I get to say that I have one. (It’s a tackle box!)

Just three years ago I was using …nothing. I hadn’t started on my journey towards sex-crazed slut yet! But when I first started, it was condoms and cucumbers, my friends. Coz I could afford a cuke @ half-a-dollar (or if i was lucky, 3 for $1 in season!). I could use one for several days before it got mushy and needed to be disposed of.

Hey, don’t knock it. That’s what us poor chicka’s do!

But I digress. I have kept several dead vibes  in my box…like they were “resting” and were gonna come back to life? Not so much! There was that first pink one that I liked, and my pussy crushed. That might have been the *first* pussy killed vibe. I tried using it as a dildo…and because the internal parts were so crushed, the thing bent weirdly, and made this gawd-awful crunching sound with every thrust. Um. No.  And if something isn’t even enjoyable as dildos…they have no purpose. If they have no purpose? Out they go.


Now i have room for the new ones coming in…and hopefully my pussy will be a kinder and gentler pussy on my new toys.

Or not.