Here’s an Original Title for a Blogpost: Monday!


It’s Sunday night. I’m in a funny sort of mood. A bit of sad, melancholy.  It has been a good day here in Vanillaville. Egg hunts and spiffy dressed kids for church.

A  spiritual leader for paganism around these parts came to church today. He isn’t that much older than I am; he is now wheelchair bound, and seems to be losing his 3 year battle with cancer. It shocked me to see how much He has changed.

All day I’ve been on this fast-moving pendulum. I am horny and want/need an orgasm. And on the other side of this is S, dying.

I spent time today feeling guilty about feeling so horny. And in my head is S, frail of body but still, so robust of spirit. Will he die soon? I don’t know. But it came to me over the last hour or so that S embraces all forms of life in his life.

And being sexual is definitely a part of that life.

And really it doesn’t matter if my form of sexual may be considered by some as “deviant” …right now I consider many right-wing Republicans as deviant, so that just evens the playing field, yanno?

I won’t answer all your beautiful responses to my posts this weekend, just now. The weekend has been full to bursting with my vanilla life, and I’ve only had odd moments to even check email. I will respond to each and every one tomorrow (Monday). And that’s kind of what this blogcation thing is all about, right?

I have stories to write, already I’m feeling an upsurge there, and have even captured the essence of several of them on paper. This week I hope to have time to finish a few of them (including Felicitations!)…but I’m not putting pressure on myself. It’s very early on Sunday night. I won’t get an O tonight, per Master. We might (cross your fingers!) get to spend time together behind closed doors next Sunday. I’m expecting a nearly O-less week.

So…I’ve decided that  I’m going to bed.

Happy New Week, my pervie friends.

(ps in case you all wondered…I did get FIVE orgasms from Master on part two of FNF!!)

(sneaky Bastard that He is!)

(Anonymous? Thank You.)

13 thoughts on “Here’s an Original Title for a Blogpost: Monday!

  1. Ah Nilla. I’m glad you had a good Easter day. Sorry to hear that a friend is heading across the bridge, but that is a path that we must all set our feet on some day. Glad to hear that he still inspires too.

    As for your crazy life. 🙂 I love you! Your deviancy, your writing, and the fact that you swing from highs to lows. That’s life. Congrats of the 5 O’s too. Good wishes and thoughts for next Sunday as well.

    Right now, I’m waiting for Wolf to shut off his computer. Our usual Stay in bed Sunday got delayed until tonight. 🙂 Life has been a little crazy at this end and it was the only way to fit it in. It’s been an O-less kind of week on this end, so if you hear a shout from the West, it’s only us. 🙂

    1. *nodding*

      yes, we all will walk that path 🙂

      and it’s a part of the wheel, and i’m better with it today.

      Thanks for the love and caring that came through here. Hugs.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, but yes, i doubt if they would want you to not enjoy sex or even think about it for them. It’s not like that would help in some way…

    I’m glad you got some O’s on Friday though, i bet you’re right, i bet it will be a long, dry week. So to speak.



    1. Yes, you’re right, of course. My abstaining won’t prolong his life. And after a good sleep, i woke up this morning feeling…better about it. Still sad, but…i’m more accepting. Mostly it was such a shock.

      A long dry week.


      that made me snort tea out my nose, giggling!


    1. i’m sorry Gardener…i totally missed this reference..*whoosh*…right over my head…*grin*

      care to flesh that one out for me a bit?



    1. A most excellent sleep. Thanks Tip…things are always better in the morning. It was a busy weekend, and…it all caught up to me.



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