Her skin was sheened with sweat. Hair hung in matted clumps. Red welts competed with blue bruises on her body.

It had been a savage encounter.

Her breath heaved in and out, as she hung there at His whim. The dull thud of her pulse in her wrists and ankles was drowned by the roar in her ass and back. He’d beaten her hard.

She’d cum hard, too.

He stood close enough that she felt the heat of him. A fine welter of goosebumps rose along her shoulder where His breath tickled. Her breath drew in sharply at the whisper of touch as His tongue tasted of her salty dew.

It tickled her shoulder, and aroused her.

His hand gathered her hair and pulled her head back and away, baring the side of her neck to His mouth. He sucked tender flesh through His hungering lips, nipping gently along the racing pulse-line. The sharp sting of pain as His mouth moved down the slender column heightened the sharp tug of desire there at the juncture of her splayed legs.

She felt the wetness slicking her inner thighs.

His mouth, ravaging now, tasted of the sweat He’d born out of her body. The sudden change, from gentle nips to intense grip made her arch, moaning. His teeth sank deep into that tender spot where neck and shoulder met.

She whimpered as she came.