from Master of nilla! Tuesday Texts..

Dateline: Tuesday night

I was at a loss as to what to write.

During our evening phone call, He suggested sharing “A Day of Texts” between Himself and His slut nilla. My texts are obvious…and His return texts are in the quotes under each of mine.

I’d say more about this, but I’ll get you started with the first of many of Master’s words to me….

nilla, shut up!

Tuesday Texts

Sneak peak at bulbous cleavage hiding under Jean jacket-yeaaaaaaaaa!

Just hanin' out...

Major bulbous nipple show-yeaaaaaaaaa!

Bulbous cleavage straining purple support nets poorly hidden behind red hair draperies-Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

OMG – run bulbous cleavage sans nipple peak-a-boo – you’re almost free of the purple harness – run!


(Last text of the day from nilla to her Master)



From Master:  Miss tomorrow’s HNT at your own peril…..!