HNT 4/12/12 Naughty, Under it All

I sat in church on Easter Sunday. My faith tradition does not carry the burden of ย “original sin”, nor guilts us into hating ourselves for what we are.

We are accepted as “humans”…with human emotions, feelings, needs and desires.


Not sure if anyone understands the full desires of the Vanillamom down front in her lace top and skirt.

Because underneath all the “nice”….

……………………….there is a very naughty slut, dressed in black lace,

for her Master.

18 thoughts on “HNT 4/12/12 Naughty, Under it All

  1. Wooohooo!!!!
    Then again, my religious preference is estatic! (all acts of love and pleasure = worship.) Makes life so much easier. Oh, and for all you dirty minded people,… L & P also equals enjoying the sunshine, a good meal, a walk in the park, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Well, you know i am right there with you.

      I was the good wife/mommy that day. I love the people i know at church and love that there is a very incredibly strong pagan group in the church….but my true love is found outside. Like…where Ivy lives.

      Feet on Her body, connected.


    1. Thank you Mistress Suzanne for commenting! ( i do love seeing you here!)

      We do hide so much of who we are in our “other” life, don’t we? I love when there are times to let bits of it come through…


    1. Thank You, sis.

      I did a whole series of pics on the phone as I was getting ready, and sent them to Him. Kinda naughty, to be sure.

      And then spent all of church time thinking of how He “resurrected” me… ๐Ÿ™‚

      it was a verrah good Easter.


    1. *giggling*

      No Doubt…that’ll stick in your head awhile…

      Thanks for taking time to let me know about it (and I’m NOT taking that songworm, but thanksfor offering it!!)


    1. Billy Joel…Faces of the STranger..

      funny how that song fits me even MORE these days as a full-fledged adult than it ever did when I was 19!

      Thanks Bill. I always love when you have time to comment!


    1. ๐Ÿ™‚

      thanks! I don’t think He’ll ever let me cut it again tho…he is not enarmoured of the shorter length in front…but he LOVED this pic…so maybe he’s coming around? (right. not!)


      1. Well tell him its all the same length when your head is over the side of the bed as he uses your throat ๐Ÿ˜‰ it always helps.

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