A New Task


she leaned closer to him

“Get your mouth over here. CLOSER I said, dammit!”

she leaned forward. Trying to reach his balls in this position,  as he lay on his belly, legs spread wasn’t their usual way of cock worship.

“Stick out that little pink tongue.”

She did.

“Now, into my ass, slut.”




How’s that for short ‘n sweet…(okay perhaps sweet isn’t the *right* word in this instance? !!)  54 words makes that extreme micro-fiction. But. In this case…although I like the shock of the spare form of this…I decided to make this a wee bit longer.



Version Two


She fell to her knees, eyes looking up as she had been taught. Hands cuffed behind her, she sank as gracefully as possible, hoping to please Him.  He looked down at her, his face serious. She wondered what she had done wrong.

Or maybe she was just presuming.


She heard the buckle of his belt coming undone, yet never broke contact with His eyes.  She hated that. It made her feel particularly vulnerable when He held her eyes that way. As if He was looking deep inside of her into a part of her that she barely knew.

He broke the contact, bending to remove his slacks, folding them carefully. He crossed the room to lay them on the dresser for her to deal with later. She watched him, silent, back straight, sitting back on her heels. She ignored the stretch in her hamstrings, and the ache in her left knee. She accepted these small aches as part of her service to Him.

He had the greatest ass. It was tight, and compact in his gray briefs. They clung to him in a way that made her mouth water with hunger. She couldn’t see his cock from here, but she imagined the bulging bulk of it under the front of the tight-fitting underwear.

Her nipples tightened, even as her pussy loosened and moistened.

He slipped off his socks, shirt, and finally the underpants. Nude, He was glorious. His belly was slightly rounded, but his arms were tight and strong. His hair was short-cropped, a hold-over from his youthful days in the military.  His eyes were watchful, and expressive, conveying so much with a single glance.

He watched her, the way a fox eyes a chipmunk, as he crossed the room towards her. His cock sprang from the nest of hair, a weapon half-drawn.  With a half-smile, he climbed up on the bed, and lay belly down.
“A new task, tonight, slut.”

“yes Master.” Her voice was soft, agreeable.

“come closer.” He peered over his shoulder. Braced on his forearms, he watched her move until her torso pressed into the bed. He scooted down, a leg pressing against each side of her head. The position allowed him the ability to lock her head in place with his powerful thighs, if he so chose.

“Stick your nose into my asscrack and sniff.”

She …


“NOW” He barked at her. Then smiled to himself as he felt her warm little nose pressing into his crack.   Felt the soft snuffling inhalations.

“Good. Now, get that tongue out and start lapping. Make your way down to my rosebud and  make it good.”

Instantly she complied. Inwardly she shuddered.

Submission was where the rubber met the road, she thought. And where she accepted His treatment of her wasn’t always what she wanted.

But was always what she needed.

She stuck out her tongue, and tasted his ass, and felt the juice of her pussy run down the inside of her thigh.