His hand reached out to caress her tit.

She rose to her toes with a squeal as the caress became a meaty squeeze, crushing her tender flesh in his large hand.

He laughed.

“You make the cutest noises.”

She danced on her toes as the squeeze became more, a vise-grip on her breast, the nipple cleverly caught between two fingers, low, near his palm. The squeal became a gutteral moan, then a cry of pain.

“Please! OW! Oh Please Sir…”

With a last firm pulse of his hand, he released the tit, and sought its mate.

11 thoughts on “Caress

  1. There are days…. days when they are such brats. Delightful brats. Wolf did too many crunches… and so his abs are tender. I tickled him… He grabbed that damn paddle and warmed my ass! Brat.

    1. Trying to not giggle…but…um…you did *earn* that whap!

      I’m so happy that this is such a beautiful and healing relationship for you. He is a good Man.

      Hugs to you (and a “caress” to Wolf!)


      1. Yeah, I did deserve that whap. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I do so treasure my dear Wolf. I’ll scratch him between the ears for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ (mad cackle….) He’s so funny. He has a ticklish spot on his ribs… works just like it does for the dog. LOL….

      2. I know. I read him our comments. He said “Don’t want her lopsided”, “aww” about the caress and then laughed about the rest of the comments. His final one being. “Yes, you are.” Geep! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks sis!

      i’m so glad you did. This was born from watching a video of a friend and her husband/Master at play…Viemoira/Cavern of the Beast…it was one HAWT video!


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