He Hurt Me….

We met at “Our” Starbucks.  The weather today was gorgeous. Gorgeous. We met early, and it was warm enough to wear a tee-shirt and summer skirt. I got his coffee, my tea, and sat and read email while I awaited his arrival.

I was reading aisha’s post when I felt something in my hair.

Warmth in New England in April presages the dreaded black flies. Just a millisecond before I flicked it away, I turned.

Thank gawd.

It was Master! Not a black fly at all! (thank gawd I didn’t swat HIM!)

We kissed, and talked, and we did computer work together.

I showed him some shoes I’ve been oogling (none passed his discerning, one might be tempted to say “picky” point of view.) He rises from his chair and comes to stand behind me,

and pinches my under arm flesh so hard it made my eyes tear. Not only did he pinch


he did the fucking twist too!!


All the while calmly telling me this wouldn’t do, because of this, and that. I think that first pinch went on for 45 seconds or more. I kind of stopped breathing in the middle, as if that was gonna help.

The more prominent top bruise was from that first pinching.

There were others. Always shielding what he was doing to  me by using his body to block customers view. Once he was breathing against my neck and it looked like so much “cooing and billing”….


It was fucking awesome.

Painful, oy yes.

Verrah Verrah VERRAH painful.

My arms still hurt, and I wonder what they will look like tomorrow. I should have them still on me when I go to NYC on the weekend…and that will give me something to remember Him by, which was his plan.

It worked.

Now, I’d love to stay and chat…

but I have a masturbation to attend to and it’s “get it done by midnight or tis lost!”

I have no intention of losing this Orgasm…I’ve been hot n horny all day !!


(I know, hard to picture, right?)




12 thoughts on “He Hurt Me….

    1. oooh baby make it hurt so goooood…sometimes love don’t feel like it should…You make it…hurt so good!

      (Love JCM)



    1. and it’s been growin’…it is a pretty ouchie place…like every time i move my arm just right it hurts hard…then I start glowing and it’s okay again. 🙂


  1. Glad you got something to remember while in New York, now don’t be thinking to much about the black flies, they will be here soon enough. Tip

    1. Ah, my friend, they are here in Mass already! Went hiking today (awesome!)and the flies were out…not too bad in the morning (but dayam it was HOT!)…but still, there.


    1. OMG, i had tears it was soooo ouchie. That Man has a wicked grip. And still sore today, 4 days later.
      I told him that last night when we were talking.

      “oh hellya,” he says, all casual-like “I could feel the skin and muscle crunching under my fingers”…

      ewww…TMI Master!



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