True-Life Tuesday

“goodnight Master”

you get some good sleep, little girl

“i have to write my blog entry…”

wait…didn’t you tell everyone in blogland that you’d be taking vacation days? That you weren’t going to be caught up in it? Didn’t sin tell you “it’s not a job”? Didn’t you say you needed a break?



“But Master, i kind of am taking a break…writing micro-fiction…”


Yes, Master. You know…I was writing 1500-1800 word posts before, and now the stories are short, like 300-400 words.


Yes Master?

micro fiction is …12 words. That’s all you get. Twelve words. Then go the fuck to bed.


And that is the genesis of yesterday’s mini post. And today I have more words from the Man.

We were talking about orgasms, just at the very end of the blog part of the conversation. I was being reminded that He’d taken my Monday O…because He can…and that even if I stayed awake until midnight,on our “Like” day…i was still out of luck.

you can’t have it until *I* give it back to you. Not even if it’s 12:01:01, but when I decide to hand it back to you. Then, and only then, may you have an O.

It’s one of those  little things that He does, that just stirs me up and makes me crazy horny…

and of course He knows it.

(i’m such a lucky slut!)