Just Another Wednesday…

It’s Wednesday morning and I am just now writing my blogpost. And I’m feeling no pressure about it, not at all.

You would not believe how hard I’m trying to *skip* a post! It’s bloody hard work, for a wordy slut like me!

My stories are starting to return. I’ve been working on Felicitations, for those of you who thought it might fall by the wayside. I’m planning on writing it to the very end, but that likely won’t happen until next week….this week is chock-full of Vanilla-ville stuff.

Even though I homeschool my kids, there are lots of things happening in the community this week of school vacation (we don’t take school vacations…learning happens all the time, right?) So I’ve been busy with those sorts of things, and now that my kids are older and don’t need supervision every second, I can start to get those yukky house tasks that have languished for years.

I threw out Tupperware.

(laughing…who doesn’t have a drawer full of old and yuk tupperware?)

I cleaned closets, organized closets, aired out the guest room…all kinds of boring and mundane stuff…and as I work, I begin to fantasize. What would happen if…

or what about…

oh! I never thought of *that* in a D/s world. Oh my.

*fans face*

So…although my day planner is full of vanilla tasks, there is a nasty little D/s storm brewing under it all.

And of course, I’m totally sexually frustrated. A vibe is great, but it sure doesn’t replace the Man doing what-the-fuck-ever He wants with me, right?


I might skip a day. In fact, I can guarantee that I won’t have time to cram in stories for this weekend, when I will be in NYC. I’m busy every moment leading up to that. (My mother in law will be coming while I’m gone…ergo…tidying…if only I could keep my wife from messing things up in my wake…I swear she’s like another kid sometimes!)

I’m going to break the writing streak before the 2nd anniversary of the writing streak.

Tomorrow will be HNT for sure……Master’s rule…..but that may be the last you hear from me until Monday. Or…Tuesday.



15 thoughts on “Just Another Wednesday…

    1. Laughing…i almost made it, and then I had a bit of a break in the morning chores and thought…what the hell…why not!

      At least it wasn’t at 11 p.m.!

      (oh, i’ve been sleeping so much better, too!)


    1. Thank you Tip…so much appreciated.

      and oh, how i’m looking forward to NYC! I LOVE that place (wouldn’t want to live there but oh, the energy is electric!)


    1. *beaming*

      thank you sfp…it is the hardest thing to just let go.


      mandatory break tomorrow, and this weekend.

      *shivers with nerves*


  1. I took a bit of a break. Okay, didn’t have a choice, but the result was the same. Lots of stories brewing. Two new chapters of Buster’s Story and one new.:) Wooohooo!

    1. Yay! I’m NOT writing on Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Thinking by Monday? I’ll either be totally energized or a train wreck from “breaking the streak”…


      1. LOL! I’ve been “told” that we are going to bed early tonight. πŸ™‚ (Thursday) Plus, he’s cleared his schedule so that we have a whole weekend. For what, I’m not totally sure, but I have hopes… expectations… desires. And so I probably won’t get a word written after 9pm tonight. πŸ™‚

  2. Nilla,

    You threw out your tupperware?! OMG mouse is just beaming for you! Well, it’s because she has a box of the stuff that she can’t seem to decide what to do with. It’s ugly and totally (retro) out-of-date — it belonged to her mother. But, all the lids are still there (lids always vanish for some reason)…

    Ugh…coppertone, harvest gold and baby poo green tupperware…(honestly not sure if the stuff is even safe to use still)

    So while it sounds silly to be proud of someone for that — mouse truly is.


    1. Thank you mouse!

      Your comment made me beam!!

      I think if your tupperware is that color, then it might just be time to can them (and think of the relief!)

      My wife and I had this conversation the other day. She had never really minded the messy closet (it doesn’t have a door, it’s just a smallish closet, like 5X5X4) but you couldn’t take even a step into it. Now there is SPACE…and she said…”I didn’t mind/notice it before but now? I LOVE it.” That was the biggest project I’ve done so far. I have one more HUGE one, organizing our pantry. I threw out a HUGE amount of stuff (if it’s not valuable, and hasn’t been used in the last 5 years or so…it’s just gotta go.!)

      Go for it…!!


  3. I just re-read this post and I have to comment-we don’t have a “drawer full of old and yuk tupperware”, we have a cupboard full of those reusable/disposable containers that lunch meat comes in now. I can’t even give them away on Freecycle!

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