non sequitur

non se-qui-tur/, nan ‘sekwiter/

noun:   A conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.
Aahhh, New York City.
What a wonderful, decadent place. Women in heels up to there, dresses down to there, men in suits and crisp ties (ohgods…I do love a man in a suit…(and jeans, and nekkid….but I digress))…So many people to see, a veritable sea of humanity ebbing and flowing down the dirty streets of New York.
Looking up.
Looking around.
Looking down.
The whirrrrrr of the subway (and the subsequent rush of musty hot air) through the sidewalk gratings.
And oh, there are stories to be told—  the subway enticed my imagination!
The theater … *biiiig smile*
We drive home last night through intense rain, buffeting winds. Teenage girls in the back seats, talking about things from text etiquette, to boys, to NYC, to boys… a pleasant counterpoint to the road-fog and pounding rain outside the van.
Finally back to our starting point, we decant, unload, and finally the teen kiddo and I can head home.
And then it’s time for bed, which means time to call my Master.
We talk.   We laugh.
He is happy; the Bruins won and go to game 7 (I am banned from calling or texting Wednesday night, LOL!), and we talk about our families, about NY, about the horrid (but needed ) weather, the drive home…
Finally, His voice falls to a “tender” place…and He sends me to bed without an O, which I pout about, a little. Maybe more because I feel I should push for every opportunity? Coz I was one tired nilla-slut. Five hours of driving, two days of walking…yes, I did  need to sleep.
“Go to sleep slut.”
I yawn, and I swear I can hear Him smile through the phone.
“See? You’re too tired to touch. Go to sleep nilla.”
“Yes, Master.”   Less obedience than capitulation, I admit. I yawn, apologizing.
Oh, and nilla?
“Yes, Master?”  I am sleepy-voiced now,  slurry with fatigue.

On that time that we finally get together, sometime in June or November or what-the-fuck-ever time it is…(His voice drops lower, softer) I’m going to fist-fuck you. Goodnight little girl.

18 thoughts on “non sequitur

    • hi mouse!

      thanks for the comment…and it made me giggle…yeah…there was some tossin’ and turning for a bit after *that* phone call ended!! Which was, of course, exactly what He wanted.

      I love how He can pull my strings even from 40 miles away!


    • 🙂

      a comment with SOUND EFFECTS?!!

      wicked kewl, ximena!

      it is …scary and exciting and made me all hot n bothered and nervous and thrilled coz I am nervous…yeah.



    • Hi Michelle…

      Thanks for commenting…and yes. They sure do….I’ve floated off a few times today while doing mundane chores…and suddenly I’m standing in the bathroom folding a towel, except…frozen half-way through the fold, thinking of it…only to be startled by a kiddo hollering from the other room “MOM are you DONE in there YET?”


      definitely a head trip!


    • cross your fingers!

      It will be a story to tell. and…woah.

      He gets me all tied up in knots…(and He KNOWS He does!)


  1. I’m glad you had a good time in NYC, and look forward to the stories inspired by what you saw.

    I’m laughing about the telephone conversation though. Really laughing. 🙂 Fisting eh? Practic? LOL… A word of caution… You need to be wet. Oh so wet and… knowing your penchant for pain, you are going to come so hard. It is such a different feeling.


    Oh, and don’t forget the cushion to sit on for the way home.

    (sitting gingerly while writing this…)

    • I’m going to start working on one in a few minutes. And I have to work on my Nanowrimo story…someone is LOOKING at it. OMg. 🙂

      It’ll be a while before our play date, looking like t’will be in June…so…He has LOTS of time to tease me about this fisting thing… 🙂



      • Good luck with the NaNowriting story. 🙂 I’m chatting with an author off of Literotica and it has been interesting. 🙂 My one story has a chapter that was rated #2 all time story. 🙂

        Fisting… It is very interesting. The one thing I can say to describe it is that it is similar to giving birth. Intense, painful and orgasmic. Also, the more often you do it, the stronger those muscles get. It’s like Kegels on steroids. Most importantly though, LUBE is your friend.

    • *giggles*

      That was pretty much *my* face, too. I did the whole open mouth/close mouth thing…with no sound. Made Him laugh, the Bastard. He loves it when He can make me utterly speechless!


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