Love, Master’s Way

He rarely says “I love you” to me.

Not in those words.

He says it when He comforts me from vanilla-life wounds.

When He says

Here’s what you do….when you need me, call me. Right then, right there. If I can answer, I will. If  I can’t, I’ll call you as soon as I am able. Got it?

He may not say the words…but it is woven through every text, every pinch, every bruise, and everything He does to, for and with me.


I love You, Master.

5 thoughts on “Love, Master’s Way

  1. Well now, is the teddy bear coming out in Sir B. It is good you have him to set you straight, but don’t forget about your fisting, practice lady, practice. Tip

    • ah, I so very much needed the Teddy Bear last night, and again tonight. It’s been a very rough week for nilla. But i cannot fuck/fist practice as the fucking Bruins lost and my O’s were tied to the outcome. Outcum? whatever. Fucking crash test dummies on skates!


    • Love is very much a verb.

      I really prefer actions to words…and He shows that to me again and again..

      I am a very lucky slut!


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