Sex Dreams

(this is what happens to a very horny slut when she hasn’t had an orgasm since Tuesday…hint, hint, Master….)

“I know, it’s terrible isn’t it?”

The hum fills the air, and the space between her open legs. Head tosses restlessly, while the legs try to move, try to close from the stimulating touch.

“Right there…oh, yes…can you feel yourself? You’re trying to push against it. Little slut, I know. You want more. Your head says ‘no’ but your cunt, your dirty little slutty cunt? It’s begging ‘yes, yes’. ”

The vibe is pressed hard against sensitive flesh. A garbled moan comes from a gagged mouth.

“Hmmm, yes, where pleasure becomes torture, I know.”

A chuckle fills the room, rising over the persistent hum of the toy pressing against her clit.

“I see you, you know. Squirming. You want to move away. Can’t. Tied too tight to close your legs and protect your poor assaulted clit. Your horny cunt, on the other hand, is drooling. Feel all that juice on the vibe? Oh, deny, deny. That’s not lube…at least, not my lube, you little whore. It’s your juice. You are wet, fucking wet. You can pretend, Mz. Prissy-pants, that you didn’t want this. Yet here you are, oozing cunt cream.”

“Here, hold this. Time for part two!”

His voice is cheery and her heart escalates. She cannot see what He is doing, the blindfold is tight. She feels the hum as he presses the tip of the vibe into her, braces the end against the mattress so she cannot push it out. The bed shifts as he moves away, then shifts again as he returns.

“There is always, always a price to be paid for pleasure, slut.”

For a moment there is only the sound of her labored breath around the gag, and the taunting hum of the vibe. A pinch on her tit, her nipple. His hands are sticky, and warm. The hard bite of something on her left nipple makes her groan into the uncaring rubber ball pressed deep into her mouth. Her wince allows a stream of drool to slide out the corner of her lip, and create a thick, wet trail down the side of her jaw to her throat. The hard slap against her other tit startles again.

“This first nip, ah, that one just gets a sip of pain. Pleasure and pain. So tasty. You’ll grow to love it, trust me. But this nip?”

There is a hard flick against her right nipple; despite her fear and rage, she feels it rise at his touch.

“This nipple? Gets lots of pain. We’ll start with two. But there will be more. Many more before I’m done with you.”

“OH, look. How very pretty, your nipple all perverted and pinched up like that. Luscious. And …oh, look how wet it is down here. A veritable river of cunt ooze. Tsk, what a dirty little cunt you are. Acting all high and mighty, no sex, first date. And here you lay. Open, cunt soaked, and wanting. You want to be fucked, I know. I see the lips of your swollen cunt, begging for cock. I’m not ready yet.”

The vibe is pulled out of her pussy, and pressed firmly against her clit. She growls, and tries to move away but she is bound too securely for movement. Her head flails, her fingers open and close into fists against the headboard. Her body thrums, her clit screams, her nipples throb. When he slaps the tit with just one clamp, she screeches behind the gag, screeches when he strikes it again. He slides the vibe deep into her pussy and fucks her hard with it. No words, just the hum of the vibe and the squiching sounds coming from her pussy.

She wants to fight it, but she feels it coming…coming…


(sex dream two)

It starts the moment i enter the room. His fist in my hair, as i step through the door, halting me in my tracks. I wince, and moan. It hurts, and it was unexpected. No tender kisses and hugs to reconnect. His hand, in my hair, violently, hard.

He takes my bag from me, my purse.

“The brush. Where’s the brush?”

I reach into the bigger bag, pull out the brush, hand it to Him.  I hear my bags hit the floor behind me, against the closed door. He tugs my glasses off, and pushes me forward. I hear him put them on the desk as he propels me to the bed. I have a blurry, fleeting image of the 2nd bed, covered with his toys, before He is pushing me, face-first, to the mattress.

His hand presses my back; i go to my knees. The fist in my hair tightens a moment.


I nod; it’s a minuscule movement but he feels it. He lets go, and in seconds I feel cool air on my ass.

The first whap of the brush on my ass is incredibly painful and tears flood my eyes immediately, only to be wicked away by the bedspread. He hits me again. And again. Until I am crying into the uncaring bed. I hear the brush as He tosses it onto the other bed. It hits something with a metallic chink. Maybe SFCT or his belt?

He lifts me to my feet by my hair, spins me ’round, and kisses me hard as we fall onto the bed.

13 thoughts on “Sex Dreams

    • Well, not pleasure in the physical sense, as this isn’t a play visit, but a Sunday at Starbucks. It’s just as pleasurable seeing him, being with him even in this semi-vanilla way..hmmmm re-reading this? Yeah. Pleasure! Just different, yanno?

      • Yeah, sigh. The way I read your post I figured you were having a full on play day. Drat. However, time together is still Time Together. Hope that you did have a good visit. Hugs!

  1. Nilla, you are going to get to see M today yes? I hope he gives you tons of big Os.. lots and lots. You need them obviously! What hot dreams.. oh my. After the week you had you DESERVE more than Os but its a good starts. HUGS!!

    • Alas, it is only a Starbucks visit…in fact He is sitting right across from me now, as we both work on our computers. (He’s got a heart on his chest…the first one of the morning, LOL!)

      Thanks nancy…sweet of you!


      • Darn~~ I cannot begin to feel your pain..or lack of it.. sigh. Thankfully I don’t have any restrictions so ..your dreams are fabulous fantasy fodder for me..Hope you get some Os soon! (keep those hearts going!)

      • oh! Ouchi! yes. pain.

        (he keeps getting up from HIs side of the table, and peering over my shoulder, and pinching the fuck out of my sides. Dayam! 🙂 nilla

      • hearts ruled the day! Got him good a few times at Starbucks (then again, He got me back with those strong, strong fingers of his…)

        payback is a Dom, not a bitch!



  2. I would love a Starbucks visit — enjoy your time together

    (I actually think that time is part of what makes things work for you two — couple time)


    • *nodding*

      yes, this is what gives us the boost to survive those three months when we’re not behind closed doors together.

      and I’ll have the bruises later (I feel them blooming even now) to remember this by!


    • ah, it was a good day. And that first dream made for great masturbation fodder last night when I was finally, finally granted an O (and only because I deduced what movie “Let’s Have Pancakes” came from !)

      Thanks for your comment…it really is good to see you back, S.Sir…you were missed.


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