Writing, Writing

I declared today to be “writing day”.  I have a shitload of housework that I “just said no” to…and have been at my computer all morning, and through a good chunk of this afternoon. Next week I’ll be on vacation, and likely posting only sporadically.

“So nilla,” you say…”if you’ve been writing all morning, where the hell is today’s story?”

Funny you should ask!

I’m working hard on finishing Felicitations, because then I need to get my butt in gear and work on my novella. Because there is some interest in getting it published. And it needs…a lot of editing.

I’m not generally a procrastinator. And I love my story. It’s just…lack of time, really.

So if you are a reader of Feliciations, you’ll find two new chapters (17, 18) there today.

And I’m puttering away at several stories that have popped into my head. If I’m going to be unemployed for the nonce, I may as well put some effort into being a famous author, right?


Yeah. Right!

Anyway, this is short n sweet. I have some vanilla stuff to do…and tomorrow …I might finish the story I started with some assistance from Master while at Starbucks on Sunday.

TTFN…and catch you on the flip side!

11 thoughts on “Writing, Writing

  1. I wanted to write today, but it has been one interruption after another. Maybe tomorrow. I hope. Plus, you have all sorts of stories to store up for while you’re on vacation. 🙂

    1. yeah…i understand lifus interruptus all too well!

      As to stockpiling stories? Nope, not gonna happen. Too much vanilla to get attended to before vacation. I might, maybe, get a piece done Saturday morning, while wife and kids are out, since I’ll be home, but it really depends on what I need to get done before we go.

      Greedy wench!!!

      (the best kind!)


      1. i’m glad you do! HOpe you had writing time today. I didn’t but —made a bit of time, and wrote a short dark piece for the Dark Fantasies side of things.


    1. Yay! and TWO chapters, to boot…I wrote a lot yesterday. And some more today. I’m getting a groove going here!


  2. You sure sound more relaxed now that the streak is over. I’m sitting here thinking about you tearing up your garden from the other day. I have had a few sloooooooooooow computer problems, think it is time for a new one. Tip

    1. *laughing*

      yeah, I was certainly on a tear that day. I was a wild woman. Thankfully all my fingers and toes remained intact because I was…pretty upset when it all came pouring out. Things are much better now, to be sure. Thanks Tip.

      Might indeed be time for a new computer. 🙂 wouldn’t want to have HNT load s-l-o-w-l-y now wouldja?



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