Signed 11 –

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Her pussy throbbed, her clit throbbed, her shoulder, where he had bitten her, throbbed. His cock, still buried inside of her, felt bigger than ever. He was so deep, deeper than she had ever been filled before.

He pressed her head down, and pulled her back by her hips, until she was bent forward at the waist, head laying on the railing beside her bound left hand. Her hair, an auburn waterfall, covered her face; all she could see was her splayed-apart feet, and his sandal-clad ones between hers. It was an enticing, erotic view.

The first swat on her back caught her by surprise.

“Head down, slut. Keep that head down.” His voice was firm, ignoring her whimpers. Whatever he was using, struck again, just above the previous place.

“OW!” she yelped.

He pulled out of her pussy, just a bit, and struck again at the top of her buttock. She whimpered.

He plunged back into her, hard, as he struck her back once more.

She moaned, and lifted her ass higher, trying to take him deeper. She had never been filled this way before. His cock hit all the right places inside of her. Already sensitive from her “free” orgasm, she felt the flutterings of a second one.

He pulled out, almost to the head of his cock, and switched her ass several times. As before, as he drove himself into her hole, he struck that same spot on her back.

Pain. Waves of it from her sensitive flesh.

Pleasure. Ripples of it threatening to swamp up into an incredible orgasm.

He continued, pulling out, hitting her ass, then fucking into her, while striking her back.

When she crested, her head fell forward onto the railing and she screamed at the incredible culmination of pleasure and pain. She felt his fingers grab her hips as he drove into her, violent and intense, pounding up into her belly.

His groan joined with hers, and she heard, saw, the spatters of their juices on the concrete floor of the patio between her feet.

He yanked her head up by the hair, as he pulled out of her with a wet sound. He pulled her close to him, her back to his chest. The cotton of his tee-shirt rubbed against the welts. She fidgeted to move away, but he pressed her up against the railing, his hand around her throat, arching her back, and pulling her close to him.

“Pleasure with pain, slut. Your first taste. It won’t be your last. Go, shower. And later…naked.”

Shaken, she untied her left wrist from the railing, leaving the rope hanging there. He wasn’t in his room as she passed through it, and into hers.

Thank god.


She scrubbed at her skin, until she hit the first tender spot where her belly had rubbed against the railing. The polished concrete was still concrete, and had rubbed a few spot to soreness.  No broken skin, and none on her back, although there were bruises.

She had no idea he was into this sort of sex. Not that she knew anything about him at all, really.

She lathered her hair, and while the conditioner smoothed her, shaved her underarms. It took a moment for it to sink in, that all her favored products were here. And new. Brand new.

He had obviously been planning this for a while.

Stepping out of the shower, she dried herself, wrapping her hair in the damp towel. Slicking on moisturizer, she took stock. He knew way more about him, than she did about him. She didn’t even know his full Christian name. Or the address of where she was.

She knew she liked being fucked by him.

Pressing that thought away, she stepped into her bedroom, only to be drawn up short. There was the butler.

“Naked,” he said. Oogling her. Again.

“I am naked.” ‘You fucking asshat,’ she added in her head.


“It is on my hair. My wet hair. So I don’t drip everywhere. He didn’t say I could not put my hair in a towel for crissakes, you …” she stopped herself in the nick of time, remembering the spanking she’d been treated to earlier.

One accepted by her “Sir”.

“He wants you. ” There was a pause. Humor? From the cretin? “Downstairs.”

“So much small talk. Really, i’m flattered.” She couldn’t stop herself. Something in him just made her crazy.  He laughed. Bastard.

She moved past him, through the door. Turning her head, she spoke.

“This is my space. You may NOT come in unless you knock…and I ask you to come in. Got it?”

“Don’t keep him waiting, slut.”

She growled low, as he took her arm. She tried to pull away but again, he had a grip like a vise.

“Best not to pick a fight you can’t win, slut. First rule of war.”

“And this is war?”

“Doesn’t have to be. We can luuuve one another.” He tugged her close, running his nose along her shoulder.

“You’re a jerk. You know that.”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “I know.”