just late thursday ramblings

i can’t sleep. can’t seem to settle.

i’ve not heard from Master in hours. LOTS of hours.

likely it means he fell asleep on his couch…he’s working long hours and  i get it.

i’m still a fucking needy wench here, boys and girls.  need my fix. need my drug of choice…need my Master.


He’s there. I know he’s fine.

i am just…antsy.

Okay, other stuff.

two new chapters in the Felicitations story (go to Pages in the sidebar and click on that story.) are up. No one has commented so I don’t know what you all think about it…or if you knew it was there. So. Now ya know!


another thought.

i’m jumping all around here. insomnia brain. bear with me.

Master loves me.

I know it, though He rarely says it. He’s not given to mushy stuff. And I’m okay with that. It is how He is wired. He shows it in a multitude of ways.

Last night we were talking. I don’t recall exactly what He said. He was being….a Dom…and I understood the implied love there.

and I said in my smartassy unsubby voice.. “Oh, Master, You KNOW You’re gonna miss me next week”

there was a pause, and the Man who rarely speaks his heart sighed.

“Yes. Yes nilla. I am going to miss you. Very much.”

that went right to my heart. Gosh.

*wells up*

yanno what?

I’m gonna miss Him right back.