“So the boys’ll be over in a bit.”

The sounds of skin slapping, moans and the sharp tang of sex in the air fill the room.

“I…” she gasps, unable to speak from the incredible pleasure. He holds the vibe against her clit, making her squirm.

Each squirm moves his cock in her pussy, pressing and touching sensitive areas.

“Yes…” He hisses as she squirms and his cock is sucked deep, as her inner muscles clench around him like a  hot velvet fist. He feels the vibrations inside of her as he presses the tool hard against her swollen, sensitive flesh.

He’d worked that flesh hard with his mouth not long ago, sucking and biting it to rouse it, to prepare her for the torment to come.

“Pleasure. Pleasure and pain, slut.”

She barely heard his words, as her clit seemed like it would explode from his torment.

“Please….” the word devolved to a guttural whimpering moan.

The orgasm swept through her, intense, wild, like a storm unleashed within her body. She felt the spray of her juice squirting around his cock, felt every inch he pressed into her body. Felt his own quivering response and his seeds filling her.

The vibe stayed, remarkably, on her clit. Her throbbing, aching clit. Hurt so much. Felt so good.

She squirmed.

She moaned.

She writhed.

She exploded again, even as he withdrew from her body. He hung over her,  panting from his own release, and watched her body shiver and shake as he kept the vibe on her throbbing cunt.

“Take it,” He growled at her.

“omhngsssirrrr” her words were undecipherable as her head twisted. Knees tied open and up, bent and open and exposed, her pussy ran with wetness.  He watched her inner leg muscles quiver and shake as she convulsed again under his assault.

Switching hands, he pressed the vibe against her clit, and slid four fingers into her, finger- fucking her hard. She shook through another orgasm, all but spent.

Finally he flicked it off. She was covered in snot, spit, pussy juice, and his jism.

The doorbell rang.

“That’ll be the boys. Don’t worry, slut, I’ll tell them your poor battered pussy is off limits…for a while.” His finger poked suggestively at her exposed asshole.

“But there’s still room for fun…”