The question was posited as I drove home from Yoga Wednesday night.

“Master, may I have an orgasm tonight?”

“I don’t know, nilla, ” he says, semi-exasperated. “You’re already so fucking spoiled, slut.”

I giggle. I am spoiled. I know it. I know there are other sluts out there who get way less orgasms than I do. Of course, there are those of you out there that get way more than me, but for once, smartly, I refrain from pointing that out to Him.

I was pulling Him away from His work. I knew it, but it was the only free time I had. I was late coz I had gone to a job interview (Yay!) right after yoga.

“I’ll text you later and tell you what I decide” He says in that “don’t fuck with Me” voice.

“Yes Sir,” I reply meekly.

I stayed up later than usual, winding up putting the house to bed before I went up to my room. I get there, set up my computer, strip, and retrieve my phone from its hidden nook.

And after checking for any message from Master, (there was none), set it to vibe.

Reception in my room is tricky; the phone usually rests on the bed right behind my ass as I sit and type. I opened my email program and my phone vibes.


Master texts “call”.


The phone rings three times and then there is silence. Now, remember, phone service is sketchy at best in my little room. I’m saying “hellow? Hellow?” into the phone. Did it disconnect?

He laughs.

Fucker! He loves to play these little games. Dangle a phone call hook and see if I’ll jump into His bucket.

Of course I do! I want to be in that bucket.

Most times, anyway.


We talk, and He is wearing His “uber-Dom voice”  tonight. It’s…i dunno how to describe it, really. It’s more in the attitude, and a bit in the tone. When He transcends from “this is my friend, Master” to this is my Dom.

It sends shivers directly to my pussy to remember it.

He has decided to grant me an O.


*long pause*

(and this, I freely admit, I brought onto myself. By sending Him an O report that…almost, kinda, a wee bit, complained about only getting one O, and not multiples. Like I said at the start. Spoiled slut.)

I have decided to give you more than one O tonight, slut. You may have…..

(another pause. The tension builds. And suddenly, I know what He is going to say. Gods. Be careful what you wish for. Especially with a sadist. Especially when that sadist is your Dom. Coz surer than hell He is going to pervert it. And torture you with it.)

….one…and a half orgasms, nilla. And I will be crystal clear on this…you must have the ONE orgasm first.

Then, you may enjoy your half orgasm.


Small anal plug in your asshole. Clamps on the nips, pins on the belly. Towards the back, this time.


And…a two-minute cool-down before you go for the half orgasm.

I sit back against my pillows. Oh. Gods. I know how hard it is to do the 2nd part, the dreaded half-O.

Oh, and nilla?

“Yes, Master?” I say, thinking, ‘gawd, now what?’

I want you to take that half-O right to the fucking edge. Right. To. The. Edge.

but don’t you fucking dare go over and have an “oops”.

Don’t you dare slip over and have a little teeny O and tell me later that you ‘slipped’. No fucking way, slut.

Right to the trembling edge…and fucking stop!

My heart is racing. Oh. Gods.

Of course…. (His voice is silken and smooth now) you could also just not have any orgasm. Just skip it entirely. Friday isn’t that far away. (He laughs) If I decide that we *will* have a FNF….I could decide…*not* to. Your choice, slut.

“I want an O, Master. I want it bad enough to take the half O, You big meanie.”

He laughs.

The call ends soon after.


I’m in bed and pinned and clamped and plugged. The choice of toys was mine and I chose vibes, two, and for a bit later use, the favored dildo. I’m tormenting my clit, just as He would, were we together. Touching, gently. Touching hard. Vibing on high, on medium. Changing it up, changing it down. Steadily climbing the mountain of lust and need. The 2nd vibe is shut down, the dildo starts its work, and the fantasy spins out.

In the room with Him, the Dom.

“Say it,” he growls at me. “Tell me you’d fuck anything. Anything I put in your pussy. You’d fuck the bed. You’d fuck the corner of the wall, you’d hump the dining room chair leg.”

I’m nodding, fucking hard. So close. So close. So close.

“You’d even fuck Pete’s Great Dane. If I told you to. You would, you horny fucking cunt. SAY IT. Tell me you’d fuck that dog. Tell me your needy little cunt would take that doggie cock in your pussy and fucking cum all over it, you little whore.”

I came, hard.

I had two mandatory minutes to cool down. I send Him a text. “The O was great” kind of text. Two minutes pass faster than one might think, as one tries to type with sticky, trembling fingers,  and when I got back to work, so to speak, I was still pretty turned on. It only took seconds to reheat.

Didn’t even have time to generate, or continue the fantasy. Just Bam! and I was right back up there. Fucking and coming closer. And closer.

I was trembling. Had the tingle.

I could have quit there.

But that wouldn’t have given Him what He had demanded of me. I was *almost* at the edge, but not quite that close.

My belly began to tighten. My thighs trembled. I could feel my breath catch. For a moment, time stood absolutely still, and then I could feel it.

The Orgasm wave was approaching, heading for my pussy like a tsunami of sensation.

I pulled the vibe away.

I pulled out the dildo, as a swordsman might pull the rapier from his victim’s body.  I lay there, gasping, crying, crying, fists clenched around the two toys, as my body …stopped.

Just hung there for a moment in time saying  “What the fuck?????!!!”

And in that moment, for that moment? I hated Him. Hated myself for needing this kind of torture, this kind of control.

I sent Him this text, in the throes of it all:

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck i almost hate you godds gods so fucking fucking FUCKING CLOSE!!!! DAMN DAMN DAMB

and then later, after I’d cooled a bit, settled a bit…this one:

Right to the fucking edge master. Dayam that was the hardest thing i have EVER  done

And then I fell asleep, stayed asleep, and woke in the morning, with Him planted even more deeply in my mind, my heart, my body.