Master is away this weekend, at a school-reunion type event. It is unclear whether we’ll have time for a “flying visit” on Sunday evening…he’ll have been driving for many hours, and I don’t have much wiggle room in my schedule.

But gods I need it. Need to see Him, touch Him, if only for a moment. I’ll be away next Sunday and we’ll fail to hook up at all then. Which makes it the 20th before I’d get to see Him.  Sucky, sucky, suckyness.

Does that make me super greedy?

We talk several nights a week, often more than that. We text, and email regularly. It’s not like there is zero contact of any kind.

But, then again, isn’t that what our Dom/Dommes want from us? Want us to be needy and dependent regarding them? What fun would it be to have someone not miss you?

I remind myself of this as I sit and stare at my text-less phone. It’s Saturday night and the Man is at an event and I’m here and lonely.

OH, okay, fine.

Make me say it out loud, why don’t you?

I’m horny.

Verrry horny.

Coz I was a wee bit of a smartass yesterday (are you noting that this is a recurrent theme for me? Yeah,  I caught you noticing that!). I spent a lot of time yesterday “text-poking” Him.

Which I thought was hysterical.

About 5 or 6 p.m. He sent me a text that said something like “you know you’re going to pay for every one of those ‘pokes’ right?”

*moment of stunned silence as I stare at my phone*

uh. no. That hadn’t occurred to me.

Then my mind goes into turbo-mode and I try to imagine what He could do to me from 500 miles away.

Like that matters. He can “reach out and touch” anytime He wants. All He has to do is say it. I’m an obedient slut. I might hate it. But I’d do it.

But instead of punishment?

I get an orgasm.

But. (ah, now that He’s caught my interest, you see? He’s so smart that way!)

I have to climb the mountain for every poke I sent. (I guessed I’d sent 7, but two were in parenthesis which I said made them invisible…for some reason, He bought that! LOL!)

So, 7 – 2 = 5.

Five treks up the mountain.

No cumming.

Not until the 6th climb could I go over.

OH, and those two “invisible” ones? Became pins on my belly. He *knows* how fucking much I hate that. I really really really hate that. I guess they weren’t “invisible” after all.

Lemme tell you…that last fucking climb? It was like I was wearing a backpack with a load of bricks in it. I was huffing, and puffing. My clit was so overstimulated that it was numb. My pussy was sore. My fucking arm was tired. (oh a double entendre!)

Yet I wanted that orgasm. I ‘d worked hard for it, dammit!

And finally, I went over the edge.

Now, the agreement was that I could have “bonus O’s”…but the 2nd could only be achieved by slapping my clit…no cumming unless I was slapping it. I could fuck til I got close, but had to slap to the O.


And if I achieved that?

I could finger fuck for a 3rd O. This was achievable. This was possible. This was a really good opportunity for nilla to have multiple O’s. I guess the Master is listening to my little whinings after all. And putting His own Master spin on them.

Oh, those bonus O’s. They would have been lovely.

Coz, after all that work to get that first one?

I fell asleep.

No bonus O’s for nilla after all. Dayam, do you think He knew that would happen?

Sneaky Master!