vacation is about movie watching, too!

am watching Pretty Woman on tv.

i love that movie.

The fairy tale.

The sex.

Richard Gere.

Julia Roberts.

lots of sex. not graphic, but still explicitly implied…



I cry.

Every damn time.


oh, gotta go…she’s going shopping on Rodeo Drive and getting dissed…my favorite part.

Well, one of them…


Vacation…Not for the Faint of Heart!

Vacation is fun.

And it  is hot. Hot as Hell.

Vacations are exhausting whirlwinds of doing tons of things in places you don’t know at all…and still having a good time.

They are also time to be missing  pets at home, having  sore feet here,  101 crazy questions (MOM! Where’s my hat? Who took my water bottle? Why can’t I pee in the pool? Can we swim yet/are we there yet? ), and family members who don’t have sense enough to stand in the shady spots, and later complain about sunburns….(not my kids, but my ADULT sister…sheesh)

Vacations are jumping in the pool when you get home. And interesting wildlife, from alligators to egrets, to bugs and gecko’s.

The  time is rushing by faster than you can imagine. What? It’s Saturday *already*???? How’d that happen?

Oh, and vacation is also this:

Yes, Mouse Ears, over my pink hat. I did it. Caved. Gave my family the satisfaction of family united in Mouse Ears. And …maybe I’ll have “other” uses for them later. *wink*

Vacation is time to deeply, intensely, miss my Master. Our text time is rare;  i didn’t talk to Him until Thursday evening for a short time, since Monday night…that’s the hardest part of being away, really. And yet…He finds ways to reach out and touch me…it was still ZNN on Thursday. Though I have yet to fully tell him that despite not having any sexplay at all since Sunday night? I’m not horny. I’m too tired by day’s end. Doing theme parks, driving long distances, making sure everyone is safe, and having fun. Feeding people. Doing laundry. Tidying.

Exhausting. And leaves little time to feel sexual. I’m not close to Him, not able to be as connected as I am at home, and that drops my sex need level down to a  very low place.


On another note, the night before we left, I had every intention of sitting up and doing a blog entry.

The Master, however, had other plans.

“Why are you still up, it’s nearly 11? And NO, you cannot have an O –don’t even ask.”

“Well, Master, I can’t sleep before a big trip. I’m running my itinerary in my mind, and I have to do a blogpost….”

“Fuck that. Go. to. bed.”

He punctuates every word like a bullet.

“But Master, my computer is on and ready.”

“Turn it off and go. to. bed.”


Now, I know I was pushing it. I know it. So not only did I not get an O, but I was summarily ordered to shut the computer, turn off all lights, and lay down.

Like a 4-year old.

(He says that about me all the time. Usually it makes me giggle. That night it was merely frustrating.)


Despite not sleeping, or barely sleeping, I did rest. It helped. I was a good girl, and that was a good thing, since it has been out straight busy since 3:00 a.m. Tuesday.

Ah, well, whoever said vacations were for sleeping and rest, anyway?

You likely won’t hear much more from me this week…and I’ve not had time to read ANY of youall’s blogposts, either.

The goal is to catch up on all this sexy stuff when life returns to normal–which includes reading and comments, and comment replies.

Until then?

Have a magical weekend!