Sticky Thighs

“Master, may I have an O?”

I wait, fully anticipating His “of course you may, slut. After all, you haven’t had an orgasm all week.  What a good little girl, and no whining, either. Of  course you can have one!”


I must’ve thought I was still in Fantasyland.

“Nope. No. No way nilla.”

*stunned silence*

“w-what? M-master…..”

“Having trouble hearing, little girl? No. No fucking way. No O.”



His voice is silken, amused.

My voice takes on a wail of shock…”but Masterrrrrrrrrr….I haven’t had an O in 8 days…not since Sunday night…LAST Sunday night….”

“Not my problem.”


No way was He budging on it, either. Once His mind is made up, it’s a done deal. I guess I like that kind of strength, that kind of authority.

Even when I really, really, really want an orgasm.

We talk for almost an hour, catching up with one another.  Finally He is almost home from His meeting, and it is time for us to “part company”.

“I want you to sleep deep tonight. You did a lot of stuff this week, and a lot of traveling today, and you need the rest.”

‘yessir’ I mutter.

“Hey, Master?”

“Hey nilla?”

“When did You decide that I wasn’t getting an orgasm? Today at work? After I texted You from the airport?”

He starts laughing.

and laughing.

“Oh, little girl. I decided that last week when you texted me that you were heading out to the airport.”

There is  a very long, silent pause.

He laughs, feeling my shock.

“I could hardly wait, knowing that you’d not have an O while you were in Florida.”

“But…I didn’t ask for one, Master.”

“Wouldn’t have gotten one, either. But that’s not it. You weren’t feelin’ it. I knew that. I did, however, know that once you got back you’d start feeling it. Start feeling the moisture, the need to blow the dust off that clit, creak open those rusty gates.”

“That once you got home, you’d have sticky thighs, and so much wanting, so much horniness you could barely stand it. A whole week away, too busy and tired to think about orgasms….but when you came home, you’d think about them.”

“A lot.”

“And now, now is when it’s really fun, little girl, to say “no”.”