Yes, He gave me three and a half orgasms the  night before last. I should have known that He’d carefully worded His text to exclude the “when” of the half-O. I assumed it was an oversight, and was prepared to take advantage of it.

And then my phone hummed against my ass (where I put it when I’m writing in my room so I can “feel” Him reach out and touch me, LOL). I picked it up, looked at it.


“oh crap,” I think. He has discovered the loophole.

But I suck it up and call, and we chat about the current drama in my life, which is keeping me from finding a day to have a playday with Him. I’m really trying to not be spazzy about it. But He needed to be brought up to speed. And I’ve so missed talking to Him;  we only spoke twice while I was in Florida, and our texting was limited as well. (The house was large-ish, but people liked my en suite bathroom and had no compunctions about coming and going through my room to use it…and I just didn’t want to get busted texting. And my sister, who came with us, has eagle eyes and sees and hears much.

Anyway…back the the ‘Oh shit” part of my story. 🙂

He likes to throw these little zingers at me at the last possible moment before we hang up. Aisha calls it “holding the tension”…which is what I’m doing the entire call, waiting, just poised there…and finally it comes up.

“I hope you didn’t miss my gift to you, little girl.”


I wonder what to say. It was a gift? I know now that it wasn’t a “loophole” but intent. Like I should ever mistake what He does as intentional? What a dork I am sometimes!!

“Thank You, Master. I…..wondered.”

I hear Him smile a bit on His end of the phone.  “No, little girl, this wasn’t a mistake. It was a gift. A smart girl like you would take that half-O right at the beginning…but it’s up to you…”

Then I babble. Ohno, no, I’m happy, more than happy to do the half-part first. And He is amused by my obvious relief.

It was a lovely series of orgasms, and I was greatly relieved. Did anyone register an earthquake in the northeast Tuesday night? Oh, don’t worry…it wasn’t really a subterranean shift…just nilla bein’ the horny slut she is!