Masturbation Fantasy 3.5

for the curious who may wonder what nilla masturbated to on the night of  3-1/2 orgasms…..

“I know. I feel you. You want to not move, but you just can’t stop those hips from rising, can you girl?”

“I’m not laughing at you, just, you amuse me girl. I know, I took your speech. I didn’t want to listen to a shitload of bitching and whining and moaning. Well….okay, I don’t mind whining and moaning. I love that little whimper from the back of your throat when I press the vibe here.”

“mmmyes…yes, just like that, rise for it. You know you want it. You know you do. You didn’t think you would. It’s shameful, isn’t it? Your body betraying your mind like that? Your mind says no, stop, but your little clit, so small and nearly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, has full control over your body.”

“And it’s saying…wait…yes…I hear it purring. It’s saying ‘fuck my cunt. Please fuck me. Please fuck my hole.”

“You’re trembling. Getting close. Have you ever had an orgasm before? No? Well, then you’ll be in for a treat, eventually. Not just now, I think.”

The bed shifts. He puts away the toys. You feel the growl deep in your throat. So fucking close. To what, you don’t know. But whatever it was, you were poised right on the edge of it.

You didn’t want it.

You didn’t.

“I know, little girl, all stirred up now, aren’t you. But we’ve had enough of just fun. It’s only the very beginning of what I want from you. You’re mine now, to do what I please with. No one to come looking for you. There. I know, that hurts, that clothes pin. You’ve never had anyone ever put one on your nipple before have you? No, I didn’t think so. I love the fire in your eyes.  My cock is getting harder now, just looking at your nipple pincered by that wooden pin. And there’s a little furrow in your brow.”

“Hurts, doesn’t it? It builds up. First the sharpness as the pin bites, then that fades away. But it will start to grow again. You’ll want it off much sooner than I’ll remove it. Not to damage; I like your nipples, all sweet and pink.  Imagine, 20 years old and still so innocent. ”

The bed shifts again and he disappears into the darkened room. The light shines in your eyes and you can’t see past the bed. There is a rustle and you try to look past the glare of the lights.

You can’t see him. But you feel him watching you, the way a mouse feels when she sees the shadow of a hawk on the meadow floor. A shiver runs down your body, making your nipples rise in response. Pain. Sudden, shocking, as the one captured nipple responds to the pain of the arousal.  You want to ignore the answering beat between your open thighs. Yet, you cannot.

“Oh, yes, that’s going to hurt too. I see you are almost used to this one. Oh, how you flinch! It was just a little flick. This one is harder, don’t you think? Oh, listen to that lovely pain-sound in your voice. Poor baby. Hurt for me. I love to watch you hurt for me. Let’s add this one over here. You’ll be balanced now. But. You know. If the one nipple is already used to the pain…there isn’t a balance. I think you need a bit more hurt there to make it feel more aligned.”

“oh, yes. There is plenty of room here for many more clothespins. There’s a whole bag on the dresser. But two and one is nice…this time. For now. We’ll see how you please me this way, okay little girl?”

“No? No one will come you know. Oh, you think so? Daddy sold you to me for a bottle of tequila and two packs of cigarettes. He was half-gone when I made the deal. Doubtful he’ll even remember who asked him for you.  You can’t be happy there, with that sorry piss-ass drunk. I’ll take care of you, and you’ll learn how to please me.”

“oh, yes. Look. Your pussy is wet. Let’s see what happens when we vibe your little clit again, hmmmm? Oh….lovely. Nice. You feel it? How intense it is. How much you feel. And you feel  sexy, feel sexually aroused. You’re alive, girl. You feel.  In a way you’ve never ever felt before. You want to be fucked, now more than ever. Your pussy is drooling with lust. It’s begging, you know.”

The vibe presses, runs up and down the slit, teasing your hole, but never entering. Your hips rise, as the big rumbling thing heads back to the topmost junction, rubs against that tender, sensitive bud of flesh. You feel the ripple of it zing down the back of your legs, making your toes curl. It’s vibrant, electric, impossible to ignore. The pain in your nipples increases, throbs. Your clit matches the jungle beat from your tits, and you feel a need grow. You growl.

“Fierce little kitten, now. She wants. She hungers. Here pussy, I know just what you want.”

He drops his pants, and his cock springs free. Big. You had no idea they looked like that when hard. That they stuck out like that, that they throbbed and bobbed and leaked. The boys at school didn’t look like that. She and the other girls had peeked into the shower stall from the little crack in the wall in the girls locker room. They were little worms compared to this. She didn’t have a boyfriend. She was too busy helping Dad with the bar. A drunk, owning a bar. Dumb. Dumb.

Your thoughts zing around. Had you ever seen him in the bar before tonight? Had those eyes watched you with this intensity before now?

“I think it’s time for more. I am your teacher, and I feel your need to explore. To grow beyond the boundaries you didn’t even know were there. I want you to learn to please me. I will bring you pleasure and pain, and feed you both in measures to have you happy to lap at my feet. You are mine.”

He thrusts his cock into your soaked cunt.

You taste the word in your mouth, around the hard rubber ball he put in there earlier.


His hands fist around your tits as he drives into you. Your hips rise, begging. Harder. Deeper. Pain purples your vision, while pleasure rolls red through you. You hear your heartbeat in your ears, feel his pounding heart pressed against you as his cock sunders your belly. He stabs into you with ruthlessness, yet you rise again and again to it.

You explode, a thousand colors dancing in a kaleidoscope of swirled images inside your head. Your back arches, your fingers and toes curl, and you feel it.

Your cunt.

Grabbing him. Holding him. Sucking on him. You feel every muscle down there, refusing to relinquish him, as if he were the prize, and you the victor. Your orgasm spasms your belly, squeezes your anus, threatens to explode your tits.

Gasping for breath, the ball gag an uncomfortable encumbrance, you want to tell him what you think of him, for using you this way. You want to speak. But only your eyes can say it.

Thank you.