Busy busy busy busy….

It has been a wicked crazy weekend here. Lots of company, LOTS of vanilla stuff…just flat out no time to blog.  Lots of ideas, just no time to sit and write, and this week is looking to continue being kinda busy for me.

Such is life.

It’s good busy, really. A trying “little” job for my work-at-home job, several job interviews, house stuff…you know how it goes.

And I got to see Master earlier today. It was a super, super short visit, just 45 minutes.  It was nice to see Him, touch Him, kiss Him. He always leaves me hungry for more. More. More.

I did, however, score heart-coup on Him…and honestly? Just now remembered as I was writing to you-all. I just called Him and told Him where I’d stuck it (on His back)… and my O was changed to

“left hand only, smartass”


(I’m still giggling about it, really…)

Good thing I decided to write a blogpost before bed tonight, eh Master? LOL!


Yanno, guys (and gals)…I’m hearing you. “But nilla, where’s the sexy stuff”…?

Okay, follow me.

Put your hand in your pants. Rub vigorously.


That’s it.

That’s all you get. Now you see how little action nilla has had in the past 15 days…seriously…I’m in the middle of an orgasm drought! I get a little bit here and there but not enough to wipe out the drought. 🙂

But if you all cross your fingers (and maybe your toes) and clap really hard…no wait, that’s a different tale…just …cross your fingers…that countdown calendar on the sidebar may be way off…sooner, rather than later. And if that happens? You all will have a super-turbo-charged nilla to blow up the sexy air waves once again…