In my Thoughts

Some people send “Thinking of You” cards. Some people send letters. Some people send a pm on Facebook, or Yahoochat or Gmailchat. Some people send a text.

I send Him a text when I’m thinking of Him. Like when I’ve gone hours without hearing from Him…sound familiar? We are all really like this,  submissives. I’ve read it over and over again…in blog posts, in comments to blogposts…

Saturday my M was unreachable. Now, bear in mind we’d had a lovely FNF just the night before. But He’s *always* around on Saturday, and I had a bit of free time and I thought…I’ll call Him.

No answer.

I text.

No answer.

I text again. Wait an hour, call again. Text again. Then put the phone away in frustration.

That evening…no text reply when I go up to bed. First I’m mad. And then.

A wall of fear falls on me.

O gods….what if He’s ill? What if He’s had a car accident? My heart races. My pulse rate has me sweating, and I’m fumbling with the keys to type another text…”It worries me when You’re out of contact all day…”

About 40 minutes later I feel the vibe on my ass…a TEXT!!! He’s ALIVE!!!


Of course I call, immediately, and am His driving companion as he treks through the miles towards home. It’s 10 pm and I could not be happier. We talk and chat and it turns out he was in a meeting all day…and totally unable to respond to any of my attempts to reach out and poke at Him.

I think He likes that I need Him that much. I think He likes that most times I’m a pretty independent, capable woman…and that my need for Him brings me to my metaphorical knees when He has to (or just does because He can) take a step away and not talk with me.

This need thing?

I kinda like it. 🙂