Clothespins on.  Nine of them, across my belly. Wicked ouch. Tit clamps on the nips. Roll to get the dildo. NO Vibe allowed. None.

fucking like crazy, trying to get that orgasm…which kept running away.

ordered to climb the mountain three times and get close but not go over until the third time.

fucking like crazy, trying to capture it, that fucking elusive orgasm.



closer…here little orgasm…come to nilla…yes…closer…closer…seeing spots in my eyes from breathing so hard.

wrist cramps from fucking for so long.

want my viiiiiiibe.

want it.

need it.

how can i cum without it?

fucking, fucking, humping, clenching moaning whining

so close so close.

nipples rise despite the pincering clamps as rain-cold breeze blows in through the fan, pain catchs me unaware and slaps me hard.

fucking fucking fucking so fucking close yes…can…almost…almost….

and it fades.

my pussy was wet.



but it was poised just there on the verge…and would not, could not, fall over.


it’s only happened once or twice before to me. once had to stop coz of Orgasm migraine.  (ever had that…it’s tremendously painful, like getting an axe in your head…)

And once when i first started masturbating a few years ago…i fell asleep with the dildo in my pussy and woke up incredibly turned on at 4 a.m. (when I finished the job!).

Never ever had a “fail” while under Master’s care.

How depressing.

He, on the other hand, is ecstatic. He loves that this happened. That He could orchestrate a fail that left me so physically frustrated…i’m so horny, so turned on i’d…hump a chair. I’ve not sat much today coz that only makes it worse. So I’m done typing here.

I’m not allowed to get off…despite it being Like Day…not until He allows.

Until then I guess I’ll go chew the rug or something.


7 thoughts on “Epic……Fail

  1. I am quite sure you need a trip to see Dr. Strangeguy, and I am sure he can help you, and I work for him on a part time basis, and I think I will have to assist. Tip

    • You’re right…and yet i was so so so sooooo frustrated last night.
      And spent all day today being horny as hell…it’s quite the quandary!


    • thanks for getting that…for one who almost can orgasm on a dime (well, maybe a half dollar…dimes are so small… LOL!)…it was shocking.

      Usually pain is the edge that pushes me over and into a soaring Orgasm…but not that night.

      Last night on the other hand? Sheets DRENCHED! More than made up for the Fail, and the wild need that filled me all day yesterday. I was one horny woman. All Damn Day!


      • LOL…. and that’s why they do it to us. What really frustrates me is when I’m so horny I DREAM about sex and have that orgasm that is right there……. and just before I come, I wake up.

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