Games of the Week

About 18 months ago, Master and nilla came )*( that close to breaking up.  I wasn’t happy, things weren’t going as I imagined they would and…yada yada…I’m not one to relive the past over and again. It’s done and laid to rest.

But born of those early days of reconnecting, some funny little traditions began to evolve.

For instance, for about 6 weeks things were super, über mushy. Like…teenagers in love mushy. I loved it. I love being loving. Love celebrating it, saying it…life is so fucking short, yanno?  But in time, we said it less. Well, okay, HE said it less. Not because He was not loving me… coz the love is still deep and true and full…it’s just not of the  “I love you, huggy Bear”  variety anymore.

You grok, right?


So, He is a Man.

Yeah, I know you know that. But…He’s a ….stoic kind of Man. Being all hearts and flowers and mushy just is NOT His style. I *know* He loves me. But He’s not gonna say it all the time. He just isn’t.

So…all that being said…one day He says “nilla, I’m not going to do this all the time. I love you. But …”

and I understood.

“But,” He is quick to add, ” I do think I’ll institute a day that I celebrate you. I know you have a hard day-to-day. I want you to feel that I love you.”

Thus came the birth of  “Like Day”….where Master sends me a beautiful picture with my morning email from Him…and Like Day is always Tuesday. It is the day that, unless I have totally fucked up, I get an O from Him.

Each of our other days of the week have certain special attributes. Wednesday is “Hump Day” and from that was born the avatar of “Humpthrees” the horny camel. “Humpthrees” sends me a greeting every Wednesday.

Thursday, ZNN and Friday (a continuation of  ZNN until FNF) came to be born the same way.

The only day of the week that didn’t have an attribute to it–a D/s, Master/nilla attribute, that is, is Monday.

He texted me about that, this  Monday morning. I thought about it for a few seconds and came to the immediate conclusion that Masturbation Monday had a lovely ring to it.

“Nice try,” He texts back to me.

 “No Fucking Way, nilla.”


Well…would you have expected any less from me? Right. Didn’t think so!!

A short while later I get another text from Him. Not a good sign. Monday is His late day at work, so He has found something to pass His morning with…me.  He rarely texts me out of the blue like this.

“P.I.” He says. “figure that out, nilla”

P. I. ???? WTF?  Perfect Insertion ??

funny, slut, nice try. No.

Pussy Inspection?  Poke Investigations? Pussy Intervention?

no.  no. and no.

Finally I wave the white flag and have to ask.

“Pain Infusion Monday”

?? I think. I respond after a few minutes:

“OOOOH…i kinda like Masturbation Monday myself, Master….just sayin’…”

“I thought you might…but NFW!”

I think about it for a while. And …finally…ask.

“and the more important question is…just how does that Pain Intensification work???”

“Infusion. Pain Infusion”

I heard the sigh there. Did you?  🙂

Later I get a text that He wants pegs on my muffintop (I hate that …He calls them my “kitties” and so shall I henceforth!) for the rest of the evening. I have to demur since I had an interview…I tried to text but by then He was in meetings. And then I was working alongside the wifey, and clothespins stick way out under your clothing and are very visible. So again I had to defer the timing.

But since I’m a good girl, I donned the pegs as soon as I came up here, and am in fact, wearing them while I write this… nearly 40 minutes worth. Ouch. And I texted Him that I owed Him some Pain Time.

He just texted me. His meetings will run late and He doesn’t want me to wait up for Him. We’ll talk “owed pain” later. Actually He said “settle up” later…which has just a slightly ominous ring to it doesn’t it? Makes me shiver a bit…and get wet, too.

I wonder if He knows that!

(I’m guessing He does!)

11 thoughts on “Games of the Week

  1. I remember that time — I was one of the ones who was saying “Nilla — you have to take care of you…”

    glad you did the opposite of what we thought — because you are so much happier.

    and I love this — it’s nice and constant — and consistent — all things to adore


    1. It’s funny coz the taking care of me meant a breakup of incredible pain and tears and sorrow…and if NOT for that? I’d likely never be as happy today as I am. Same for Him, really. So for about 22 hours we were “broken”…but it was repairable, and is now strong and good. And I am…so much happier, you have that right!

      Thanks sis…

      you get all the right stuff!


  2. It is good to have…structures, rituals ..we can count on. It is super good toknow he is thinking of you! abby

    1. 🙂
      every day there is a reason for Master to think of nilla, and nilla to drool over her Master…Thanks abby for your sweet comment!


    1. 🙂
      Thanks Tip…that comment made me smile all afternoon.

      even nilla gets insecure sometimes…

      (even if it’s unwarranted!)


  3. I remember your troubled times and I am so glad that you two got things worked out. 🙂
    As for you P.I.M’s Yeouch! I think I like Masturbation Monday much better. Then there’s that ‘owed pain thing’… I get that. Really get that. When I screw up, I ‘owe quarters’. One for each violation. Not a pretty total some days. What I really dislike is when I accrue them and don’t realise it.

    1. yes, those sneaky points that total up.

      I was talking with him last night, and reminded him about the heart on the back of his sweatshirt. He was so tired, but he got this …faraway drawl in his voice…yesss…that fucking heart….yes nilla…i *do* remember it….and I know He was thinking ahead to our playtime…it makes me shiver to think about it…


      good shiver.


      1. 🙂 After the week I have had, I am sooooooo in debt. Woke up at 4am with issues… Considering I usually get up at 7am, I have 3 hours to pay back. geep… Last time he equated minutes to swats. shiver is right.

      2. you know what I do when I wake up at 4 a.m. ?

        I roll over.

        (just sayin’…)!!


  4. You know, I try that whole roll over and go back to sleep. I even succeed at times. However, the bitch is that HE KNOWS when I wake up and if I’m laying there not sleeping. Worse yet, I’ll think I’ve managed to sneak it past him and he’ll wait and then it’s “well, you’ve earned 120 swats” and when I balk, (yeah, stupid, I know… just call me sammie) he says… “You were laying awake for 45 minutes the night before last, 25 minutes last night and 50 minutes two nights before that.” So, now I just fess up. Much much safer.

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