Dominus Litis

Dominus Litis, a kink-camp for submissives! Be watching this space for news and information about enrollment; don’t be left out in the cold…(unless that’s your kink!)

She read the email. How the hell had someone even known to send this to her? Oh, maybe someone was perusing blogsites again. She sent it to the trash.

She awoke in the middle of the night. She dreamed often and vividly. This was a wild dream. A place, in the woods. She was naked. She was being chased. Just as she felt a hand tangle in her hair, she woke up.

She wasn’t sure if she was happy or sad about that. She was, however, wet. Rolling over, she pulled her toybox out and grabbed the blue vibe. It only took a few minutes for her pussy to explode. Tired again, she dropped the toy into the box and flopped over, falling deeply asleep.

In the morning, another email in her box from Dominus Litis. Whoever the fuck DL was, persistent was one keyword. She thought about sending the email, unread, to the trash. Shifting in her seat, she felt the soft rush of pleasure against her sore pussy. And she thought, “what the hell”.

She clicked the link.

Dominus Litis

Cumming soon? Don’t mind my punny ways…if you’re a submissive, you’ll want to think about coming to our camp.

Here, submissives enroll in role-play events that will unfold over the length of your stay.  Stay a weekend, a week, or longer.

Edge-play at it’s best. It isn’t always safe, but isn’t that what makes it fun?

Pre-contracts insure that you will fully express what you can live with after you leave here. Tattoo’s? Body piercings? Rape play?

What do you dream about? Let us weave your fantasy into reality.

She read it again.

Her finger hovered over the delete button, then slid away. A fantasy camp just for submissives? Not a camp where she’d go and see all these other happy couples and feel left out and left wanting. But a real place where she would be played with, and her fantasies played out?

It bore thinking about.